Belize Boutique Resort and Spa - Formerly Maruba Resort Jungle Spa

Belize Boutique Resort and Spa Where Everything Old is New Again

Belize Boutique Resort and Spa Formerly Maruba Resort Jungle Spa

When a Belize resort changes its name, frequent visitors worry that the place they have come to love is no longer familiar, but nothing could be further from the truth following the recent transition of Maruba Resort Jungle Spa to its new name, Belize Boutique Resort And Spa.

The name change heralds a new era of commitment to pampering guests in ways that so far exceed services proffered by Maruba, a stay at the renamed resort has become a perfect example of how it’s possible to retain the best of the past yet improve upon everything.

In other words, guests find just enough familiarity to feel at home, but adore the changes that surround them.

“When we set about our plan to rename the resort and spa, we knew that this would have to be a delicate dance,” said Merickston & Melanie Nicholson, Belize Boutique Resort and Spa owner and managing director. “We wanted to retain the same team of staff as they are part of the Resort’s family and, from the spa to the resort, guests crave seeing familiar faces and it goes without saying that keeping gorgeous room appointments, art and furnishings was part of our master plan.”

maruba belize jungle resort

The transition was carefully thought out, adds Nicholsons, who says that our team of staff input was essential. “We couldn’t have done it without them.”

Where will new and returning guests see the greatest number of changes? Everywhere. “We have changed the resort’s menus so it’s more expansive and eclectic, revised our packages to more closely match what guests seek in a Belize vacation that focuses so heavily on health and wellness and the spa has undergone a Renaissance,” explains Nicholsons.

Resort services remain eclectic and the focus remains on using all-natural products to restore and refresh weary vacationers. Close proximity to the Belize airport helps visitors unwind even before they arrive onsite, at which point, every guest receives VIP treatment.

“There is so much to love about the “new” Belize Resort and Spa that I’m afraid visitors grow weary of my enthusiasm!” Nicholson laughs. “The transition from Maruba to our current name has been seamless but to be honest, lots of people tell us that the great experiences they had in the past are even better now.”

“Let us show you around,” said Nicholson. “Given the fact that summer rates are at their lowest right now, it’s the perfect time to find out for yourself how effortlessly we’ve evolved, retaining the best of the past and implementing the best of the future.”

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