Belize: The New Retirement Capital of the Caribbean

How can you tell that an overseas destination has become so popular, it’s no longer referred to as a place but as a capital? A great indicator is the number of airlines adding routes to meet ticket demand and price drops that verify route popularity. All major carriers fly here, including Southwest, American, Delta, and United. This increase in routes proves that Belize grows more popular every day.

The trickle of ex-pats and tourists that once came here has morphed into a waterfall; particularly for people seeking a better quality of life in an affordable environment. To encourage this, Belize’s government offers investment opportunities that easily qualify this country as an investment capital.

Luxury gated communities like Orchid Bay offer prime real estate at purchase prices that are ready-made for retirees eager to live gracefully on less money. Orchid Bay homes offer modern infrastructure and there’s a ready-made social life awaiting newcomers.

Your investment in Belize residential real estate has the potential to make friends you leave behind envious thanks to great weather, great people and developer financing or milestone payment availability for those who prefer not to finance loans through banks.

Enjoy living in a place that one ex-pat calls a “banking haven.” Laws in Belize are tailor-fit for the retiree eager to maximize his disposable income. Think Switzerland in the western hemisphere. Secrecy laws surrounding Belize’s banking practices are sacrosanct, so if you are seeking optimal liquidity, this is your haven.

You may never find a more hospitable destination with such a low inflation rate. Not everyone is aware of the fact that the nation is poised to begin oil development and drilling, yet because of this countries stringent ecological standards, this industry is developing under Earth-friendly government mandates.

Thanks to the Belize International Business Corporation and Trust, you won’t pay income, capital gains or withholding taxes; no annual tax return filing is required, either.

Enjoy the best of all worlds by taking advantage of the Qualified Retiree Program, created to entice investors to move to Belize. The QRP entitles ex-pats to work as much as they want without having to pay income tax on those earnings and when they relocate here, they don’t have to pay duty to bring large assets like cars, household furnishings and boats. Real estate taxes are so low, homeowners don’t mind getting tax bills.

Huge living expenses you paid back home are cut dramatically, so those disposable funds you’ve sought as a way to build your investment assets will put more cash in your pocket. Live comfortably on a decent Social Security or retirement payout and enjoy the good life that includes dining out and recreation. Deny yourself fun? Not in Belize.

Follow the leader, Belize style. Famous entrepreneurs, celebrities and financial gurus have helped make Belize the investment capital of the region by launching enterprises driven by a desire to pocket healthy profits. Francis Ford Coppola loves Belize so much, he owns not one but two resorts here, proof positive that Belize is the new development capital of the Caribbean.

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