Belize WaterFall Cave Expedition at Caves Branch

WaterFall Cave Expedition at Caves Branch

The rainforests and jungles of Belize sit atop a vast continental section of limestone, which is why the country has so many vast cave networks. Belize is also blessed with the tallest waterfalls in Central America, including Thousand Foot Falls which plunges more than 1,600 feet into a scenic valley below.

The Waterfall Cave Expedition at Caves Branch is a guided adventure tour for visitors who are seeking the ultimate climbing challenge. The cave expedition includes climbing up no fewer than six different waterfalls in a single day plus a spelunking adventure in one of the country’s most iconic caves.

Why You Have to Do This Tour

For adventurers seeking the ultimate in outdoor thrills, a tour of the Waterfall Cave Expedition at Caves Branch is a must. The tour begins with a 20-minute hike through the jungle, followed by a 45-minute spelunking adventure inside of one of the country’s biggest caves. The rest of the tour involves climbing up steep and wet rock surfaces inside and alongside six of Belize’s most spectacular waterfalls.

All the hard work is rewarded by a refreshing plunge into the pool at the base of a waterfall followed by a packed lunch.

Best Time To Do This Tour

The Waterfall Cave Expedition at Caves Branch is available seven days a week with advance booking of two or more participants. The tour may be unavailable during periods of high water levels, for safety purposes.

Best Way to Experience It

The Waterfall Cave Expedition at Caves Branch is a very physically demanding activity and is restricted to physically fit participants. The tour includes two strenuous hikes through the jungle, a 45-minute spelunking adventure inside a cave, and rock climbing up and through powerful streams of water from the waterfalls.

Participants are required to wear comfortable long pants and a shirt that can tolerate getting wet (not jeans) and closed running shoes or hiking boots. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring insect repellent as well.

The Waterfall Cave is located  in central Belize and the tour departs from Caves Branch Jungle Lodge.


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