33 Best Romantic Places to Visit & Things to do in Belize

33 Best Romantic Places to Visit & Things to do in Belize

Romantic Things to do in Belize

There’s so much beauty in Belize that you could spend a lifetime discovering it — but even if you can’t do everything, it’s worth trying as much as possible. And that’s doubly true if you’re here with someone special. Here are the 35 best romantic ideas for your time in Belize.

Romantic Destinations in Belize

Belize Romantic Destinations

1. Ambergris Caye: This popular island is a mere mile from the Belize Barrier Reef, but the town of San Pedro offers plenty of beautiful overlooks and romantic restaurants as well.

2. Placencia: Less popular but no less beautiful, the small village of Placencia is a great place to find anonymity with your special partner — and the fact that the peninsula is only a half mile along gives you constant beach access.

3. Hopkins: The prominence of the indigenous Garifuna culture lends Hopkins Village a very unique vibe, but it’s also becoming a popular and trendy destination for American and European expats.

4. Caye Caulker: Something of a younger brother to Ambergris Caye, this island is both somewhat less expensive and less commercialized — and it’s also conveniently close to the barrier reef.

5. San Ignacio Town: The Cayo District is a land of immense beauty perfect for adventurous romantics, and the cultural hub of San Ignacio Town is the best base camp for exploring it.

6. Tobacco Caye: Want to get away from everything? Tobacco Caye is the place. This tiny island is still a place of seclusion and relaxation but not so remote that it’s inconvenient to reach or leave.

7. St George’s Caye: A lesser known island but one only a few miles from Belize City, the resorts here pull out all the stops to pamper their guests.

8. Ranguana: Ranguana Caye is becoming a more popular choice for vacation day trips, but it’s still a pristine island where it’s easy to find a little bit of privacy.

9. Ray Caye: A private island with a focus on indulging the needs of everyone, Ray Caye offers another resort-oriented, all-inclusive experience for couples.

10. South Water Caye: As part of the Southern Barrier Reef Complex, South Water Caye is one of the most ecologically diverse islands in the region and a great place to soak up the local flora and fauna.

Romantic Adventures in Belize

Belize Romantic Adventures

11. Swim and have a picnic at Big Rock Water Falls in Mountain Pine Ridge
This 150-foot waterfall may be intimidating at first glance, but it makes for an epic place to set down a picnic basket.

12. Go horseback riding in the jungle
It can be easy to lose a sense of scale when trudging through the jungle, but horseback riding lets you experience the rainforest side-by-side without having to worry about getting all muddy.

13. Go zip lining
Nothing will get the blood pumping like barreling through massive caves at 50 miles per hour.

14. Scuba dive or snorkel the Belize Barrier Reef:
Each section of the reef has its own rich ecosystem, but at least part of the reef is worth seeing by everyone.

15. Have a romantic sunset cruise
There’s no lack of tour companies offering sunset cruises, but that’s just because there’s nothing quite like watching the sun set over the barrier reef.

16. Have a candle light dinner on the beach
The adventurous romantic might want to fish for and cook their own, but most Belizean resorts will do the hard work for you.

17. Explore an ancient Maya city together
There are few things more humbling than standing in the ruins of a once-thriving metropolis. Both Caracol and Xunantunich provide awe-inspiring views.

18. Go canoeing in the Macal River:
Keep an ear out for the howler monkeys that claim the Macal’s banks as a habitat.

19. Go Cave Tubing:
It’s the most chill time you can have in deep subterranean caverns.

20. Explore the ATM Cave Together
Out of all of Belize’s caverns, ATM remains the far and away most popular network to visit. That’s both because of the scope of Actun Tunichil Muknal and the fact that it was once used for Maya human sacrifices.

21. Go Bar Hopping in Ambergris Caye
San Pedro is the epitome of beach town, and they have a nightlife to match. There are few better ways to get loose with your partner.

22. Enjoy a sunset at Caye Caulker Split
The stretch of water that splits Caye Caulker in half is arguably the most romantic vistas on an island that’s full of them.

23. Go on a fishing trip
There’s something romantic about being out on the open waters, and there’s definitely something unique about catching your own fish and then having it prepared as part of a romantic dinner.

24. Go bird watching
The over 500 species of birds that call Belize home include some brilliant and colorful birds of paradise.

25. Go sailing
Whether you’re looking to rent or charter, there’s no better way to explore the Cayes around Belize proper.

26. Visit both Silk Cayes and Laughing Bird Cayes off the coast of Placencia.
Placencia offers a respite from more tourist-heavy spots like Ambergris Caye, but the nearby Laughing Bird and Silk Cayes allow you similar views to those spots with less distraction.

27. Have a mud massage in the Belize Jungle
The Belize Boutique Resort in Maskall will be happy to pamper you all the way.

28. Stargaze the Belizean skies
The skies tend to be wide open, and you can see the stars in crisp clarity from positions like Caye Caulker.

29. Take a pontoon tour at the Vaca Lake in Cayo District
It’s home to spider monkeys, ocelots, birds of prey, and three massive waterfalls.

30. Have a tech-free date together in Belize
Ditch the cell phones, and forget about documenting everything for Instagram. This is country that deserves to be seen with your own eyes — not through the camera of a phone.


31. Learn how to play the Garifuna drum in Hopkins
This Afro-indigenous ethnic group only exists in Central America, and they’re happy to share their food, music, and culture with visitors.

32. Sing karaoke in a Belizean Bar
Belizeans love to sing, and you’ll feel right at home in their karaoke bars.

33. Climb Victoria Peak
The climb can take three to four days, so be sure to pack accordingly. It will definitely solidify your ability to work together.

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