The Biggest Maya Tomb Ever Discovered Found at Xunantunich

The Biggest Maya Tomb Ever Discovered Found at Xunantunich

Archaeologists have been excavating the ruins of Xunantunich in western Belize for more than 120 years, but it was only this year that a royal tomb was discovered buried 10 meters underneath the floor of the central building on the site.

After pulling out tons of rubble that filled a central staircase, archaeologists unearthed one of the largest Maya tombs ever discovered. Inside, they found the skeleton of what is believed to have been a leader of the infamous “snake dynasty” as well as animal bones, vases, jade beads, and more than a dozen obsidian blades. What has the archaeologists most excited is the discovery of several panels covered in hieroglyphs dating back to the dynasty’s rule.

Similar panels have been found at other sites in the region, depicting the story of a series of conquests by the so-called “snake dynasty” (named for the snake head emblem that the family used) that once dominated the area. Many of the panels were found partially destroyed, and archaeologists believe that one of the kingdoms that the snake dynasty bragged about conquering on the panels later usurped the family and smashed the panels in an effort to rewrite history. Once properly translated, archaeologists believe that the recently-discovered panels found at Xunantunich will fill in the missing parts of the dynasty’s history to tell the full story of a family that once ruled over what is now Caracol, Xunantunich, and several Maya city-states in Guatemala.

Xunan Vista Estate

xunan vista estate
Located just a short distance from Xunantunich is the gated community of Xunan Vista Estate in San Ignacio. Named for the Maya site where the royal tomb was recently discovered, Xunan Vista offers 52 half-acre custom homesites. Homeowners will be able to build their dream home from the ground up with every detail thoughtfully handpicked and artfully executed. The temple at Xunatunich can be seen from the community and the views over the countryside are simply stunning. At Xunan Vista, you’ll come for the views and stay for the community.

“I was drawn by the beauty of Xunantunich when I came up with the idea for Xunan Vista,” reveals Jonathan Lohr, the developer of Xunan Vista. “So the discovery of such an important royal tomb underneath the main temple is really exciting. It’s also really wonderful that archaeologists have set up a viewing platform so that visitors can see a real live excavation as it unfolds.”

Xunan Vista was designed with privacy, security, and beauty in mind. Located just outside of San Ignacio, participants of Xunan Vista can enjoy all of the benefits of town life combined with unspoiled natural beauty and quiet countryside living. This is Xunan Vista: A private and secure community offering its residents a healthy and peaceful lifestyle surrounded by the beauty of the Maya heartland.

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