Don’t Pack for Belize Until You Review These 4 Tips

Don’t Pack for Belize Until You Review These 4 Tips

belize vacation tipsWhether you’ve been to Belize so many times, you know by heart the names of the best bars throughout the nation, or you’re preparing for your very first visit and had no clue that Turneffe is both a Belize island and a world-class resort, it pays big time to be reminded of general packing advice so you start your trip off on the right foot!

Don’t forget your passport

You might be shocked to discover the number of travelers who arrive to board a plane or boat, only to discover that they’ve either left their passport home or let it expire. Check your passport right now. If your expiration date is within three months of the last day of your upcoming Belize stay, customs might not let you into the country, so double check that date. Western hemisphere passport holders don’t need visas to visit Belize, but other travelers do, and they only allow one to stick around for a month. Worried about passport-related issues while in Belize? Ask the Belize Hub staff for help.

What to bring for your visit

With your passport issue resolved, it’s time to decide what to pack. Since you’ll be visiting one of the most laid back countries in Central America, a shopping spree isn’t necessary unless you plan to spend most of your time at parties, clubs and socializing. At Turneffe, for example, pretty much anything goes as long as your role model isn’t Rhianna. Pack for the tropics: sunscreen, hat, bug spray, soothing lotions and use your activity schedule to determine your wardrobe basics, bringing shorts, bathing suits, shirts, sandals, a rain poncho, flashlight (if you plan to tour caves), extra sunglasses and a cover-up for cool nights.

Err on the side of caution where your health is concerned

The drinking water throughout Belize is potable, but there’s plenty of bottled water for sale if you’re the cautious type. Get a check-up with your doc before you visit if you have conditions or illnesses that could present problems when you’re away from home. Turneffe is a tiny island requiring a boat ride to reach medical services, so come prepared: bring extra medications, backup reading and/or distance eye glasses, copies of your prescriptions and any data a doctor requires should you need attention while in Belize, like drug reactions and sensitivities–even food allergies that may have landed you in the ER back home.

Answers to your money questions

This could be the easiest currency exchange rate you’ve ever encountered in all of your years of traveling the globe: Your U.S. dollar doubles when converted, so $100 USD becomes $200 BZD. Easy? Most Belize establishments take a variety of payments: cash, credit and debit cards and traveler’s checks. Carrying some of each will cover all bases. Once your money is sorted, you’ll be ready to spend some of it on tours arranged by Turneffe staff. Say the word and fill every page of your calendar with scuba and deep sea diving excursions, tours of Mayan ruins, wildlife-related activities from butterflies to some of the loudest monkeys on the planet. Resort personnel will see to it that you don’t leave without having seen everything on your list!

This is a sponsored post written by the Belize Hub Team on behalf of Turneffe Island Resort.

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