7 Things to Do on the Northern Cayes of Belize

7 Things to Do on the Northern Cayes of Belize

belizeBelize is a diverse country located in Central America. With half of the country being bordered by the Caribbean Sea, and the other half split between Mexico and Guatemala, it comes as no surprise that there are numerous things to see and do in this tropical nation. A trip to Belize wouldn’t be complete without venturing to its two famous northern cayes – Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye. Here are a few of the must see’s and must do’s on, and around, the islands:

Manatee Tour

These giant, gentle herbivores graze on the grass found on the sea floor at the Swallow Caye Wildlife Sanctuary. You can book a tour on Caye Caulker and spend the day in awe of the slow-moving sea cows. We were able to spot six during our trip! Exploring beautiful mangroves, snorkeling along the Belize Barrier Coral Reef and enjoying a meal on a deserted caye are also on the agenda during a manatee tour. For more, check out our article here.


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Go Swimming

Caye Caulker is unique in that the island has actually been split in two. There are a few stories regarding how this happened – some say it was a hurricane, while others say people it was man-made to make crossing the island faster! Regardless, this split has now become the hangout spot on the caye and is a great place for swimming. There is a slow-moving current running through the split, but it won’t take you out to sea, it’ll just drop you back at the other end of the split.

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