Internet Access In Belize - What Retirees Should Know

Internet Access In Belize – What Retirees Should Know

Once an expensive service only available in limited urban areas, internet is now widely available throughout Belize for very affordable prices.

All top resorts, restaurants, lodges, and hotels offer high-speed wireless internet for customers. For residents, internet service is available from DigiCellBTL, and Smart, including monthly subscriptions and affordable pre-paid cards that work all across the country.

Many retirees choose to get a DSL (sometimes called ADSL) line in their homes. Functioning much like a traditional home telephone line, DSL cable gives retirees access to high-speed broadband internet so that they can enjoy stock trading, chatting with friends and family, streaming movies, and managing businesses. Both DigiCell and Smart offer several tiers of service, including unlimited internet starting at just 55 Belizean dollars (US $27.50) per month in select locations.

The national telephone company, Belize Telemedia Limited, also offers high-speed broadband internet via DSL cable in select locations starting at just 39 Belizean dollars (US $19.50) per month.

Wireless internet is also available from both DigiCell and Smart, including pre-paid bundles and monthly subscriptions suitable for cell phones, tablets, and personal computers. Both DigiCell and Smart also offer “combo” plans that include unlimited text messages, internet data usage, and minutes for voice calls. There is also the option of using a MiFi device (wireless router) that allows you to easily connect all of your devices to the internet anywhere in the country, including the offshore islands.

Another choice for retirees in Belize is satellite internet that provides connectivity in even the remotest rural areas. Several companies, including American and Canadian ones, offer satellite access, although it is not cheap. Be careful when choosing a satellite internet provider as some companies operate without paying the required taxes and access fees to the government of Belize.

Formerly, the government charged exorbitant prices for all access points to the internet as well as blocking Skype and other VOIP services. This is no longer true. Unfortunately, a lot of articles on the internet contain outdated and misleading information. Today, retirees can enjoy free wireless access from numerous hotspots throughout the country or pay for reliable, high-speed internet from local providers.

Cerros Sands is one of the best places to live, retire, and purchase property in Belize. Cerros Sands offers tours of the community for visitors interested in exploring the country.

Cerros Sands also offers high-speed, wireless internet so residents can conduct business and stay in touch with friends and family back home.

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