Immerse Yourself In A Living Maya Experience In Belize

Immerse Yourself In A Living Maya Experience In Belize

Many people think the Maya people vanished from the earth. In truth, descendants of the ancient Maya still live in parts of Belize, Guatemala, and Mexico. The Maya have preserved their languages, customs, and traditions for centuries, and you can learn more about them with a Living Maya Experience in Belize.

What Is the Living Maya Experience?

This cultural tour immerses you in the daily life of a traditional Maya community. This is a hands-on learning experience that takes you back in time.

The visit begins in a Maya home that has been preserved with traditional wooden furniture, garden plot and cooking implements. Start with a tour of the house and the garden, where you’ll see bright red, yellow, white and black corn growing.

Guests learn how to harvest sugar and how to grind corn, coffee, and cacao. You sit down with the family to learn how to make corn tortillas, Maya chocolate and roasted coffee using a stone pestle and an open fire.

The Maya hosts will take you on a tour of the jungle from a Maya perspective. You’ll learn which plants are good to eat, which plants are good for making medicine, how to spot animals and other lore.

At the end of your visit, enjoy a delicious, home-cooked meal of traditional Maya food. For most people, this Maya feast is the highlight of the day. The lunch blends fresh, organic Maya ingredients and seasonings to create a true taste sensation.

Who Are Your Hosts?

Many Maya are wary of strangers, but the Cal family has been opening its home to visitors since 2012. The Cals believe in sharing this knowledge as a way of preserving their cultural traditions.

The Cals speak fluent English and have extensive knowledge of Maya history and customs.

Where Does It Happen?

Most Maya communities in Belize are located in rural areas. The Maya still live simply, growing their own food and making a living from fishing, farming and selling their handicrafts.

The Living Maya Experience takes place in Big Falls Village in the untouched, unspoiled Toledo District.

What Should You Know About the Maya of Belize?

The Maya built extensive, advanced settlements throughout Central America. Today, you can visit the ruins they left behind. The Maya were an incredibly advanced civilization that made great advances in mathematics, engineering, architecture and large-scale farming.

The Maya civilization collapsed in the fourteenth century. In the past century, some countries have attempted to wipe out the indigenous Maya people. Through those years, the Maya have survived, thrived and preserved their heritage. They have always been a welcome part of Belize’s mixed population.

You can enhance your understanding of the Maya by visiting some of Belize’s Maya ruins. You can also check out the Maya Center Mayan Museum in Dangriga.

How to Arrange a Living Maya Experience

You must call ahead to reserve a day with the Cal family. Contact them by calling 501 627-7408 or emailing them at

Photo by Living Maya Experience

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