At Last: Luxury Belize Condos at Prices Investors Can't Ignore

At Last: Luxury Belize Condos at Prices Investors Can’t Ignore

Luxury Belize Condos

Developer Mark Leonard never grows tired of being asked his opinion on why the Belize real estate market picking up steam. As the developer of Belize’s Cerros Sands community, where luxury seafront condominiums are available at awesome prices, his standard reply is to trot out this list of reasons, all of which are committed to memory:

-It takes just a few hours to reach Belize from North America and new carrier routes are added regularly

-Any foreigner can become a homeowner.

-One need only have celebrated 45 birthdays to qualify as a retiree and utilize the Belize Retirement Program known as QRP

-Taxes are shockingly low

-English Speaking Country and English Common Law – Fee Simple Title Property

-Eco-Country, almost 1/2 of Belize is Protected Rainforest

-Home to the largest reef in the Western Hemisphere

-For Corozal, being on the border with Mexico and the City of Chetumal for Medical, Shopping and Transportation to Belize through their  International Airport

-Publications like “The New York Times” and top travel magazines run Belize features so often, readers have begun to expect them.

Leonard’s Tropical Dream
When asked whether he foresaw a day on which properties at Cerros Sands would be listed by the world’s prestigious real estate firms (Christie’s and Sotheby’s), Leonard tends to laugh. “From day one, my development was geared toward to becoming one of the best in Belize, others who shrugged are now seeing and believing.

“I knew the property was prime land–it’s located along the shore of Chetumal Bay and in close proximity to Belize’s hot spots, on a very private Mayan Peninsula, Home of Cerros– I knew it would take time for the mainland to become a destination as the Cays were already the hotspot and exploding. Cerros Sands is becoming a home for many expats, and those who take the time to visit will see for themselves what a diamond we have become”

Despite the romantic name, well-heeled residents and beauty found at Cerros Sands, North Americans and Europeans who simply worked hard and saved to enjoy a posh retirement become tongue-tied when they learn that Cerros Sands channel parcels start at $29,000 and channel front homes are available for $199,000 for a 2 bedroom and 2 bath. Seafront parcels start at $79,000 with other parcels as low as  $17,770. Seafront Condominiums are $269,000 to $279,000. These are 2250 square feet and are 2 bedroom and 2 bath bath lock-off designed.

“You can get a lot of house, state-of-the-art off-grid infrastructure and a built-in community of like-minded people within this master-planned, gated community,” adds Leonard.

Can the 2018 Belize real estate explosion be sustained?
“When I invest in property like Cerros Sands, I can’t afford not to do my homework,” says Leonard. “That means market analysis, futuristic thinking, trend tracking and more. When I saw that Belize was recording higher levels of tourism almost every year, I realized that my early instincts about the future of Belize real estate were spot on.” How could you not like the people, the weather and the sea? and yet a couple hours from the United States.

“What feels even better is handing over the keys to ex-pats who never in their wildest dreams imagined they could live in this much luxury in 2019 and in a place that’s as close to paradise as it gets. Many visiting these days are beginning their home construction much earlier than originally planned to begin living their dream. Some others just have to quell their enthusiasm a bit longer. “But I believe that investors are the true recipients of this largesse. With each property acquired, they benefit their personal wealth and build for the future of their families.”

For more information about Cerros Sands condominiums, current condo sales and other essentials about this friendly community, visit or call 011-501-670-8724 now, before the property that matches your investment portfolio or retirement plans disappears. The values at Cerros Sands have to be seen to be believed.

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