Here is How to obtain permanent residency in Belize

How To Obtain Permanent Residency In Belize

obtain permanent residency in Belize

There are plenty of reasons to apply for permanent residency in Belize. In the short-term, workers pursue permanent residency status because it allows them to stay in Belize without having to renew their worker’s permit and pay $1,500 in the process. In the long-term, Belize is also an enticingly popular place for people throughout Europe and the United States. If you find yourself moving to Belize, earning permanent residency will be a necessity. Fortunately, the process isn’t complicated when compared to other nations.

Stay in Belize For Nearly a Year

The most restrictive requirement for residency in Belize still isn’t one that won’t chafe for most aspiring residents. You need to spend 50 weeks living in Belize before you can begin the application process. Still, you should get in touch with the Immigration Office early so you can be sure that your stay is properly documented. The most sensible method for most people will be to apply for a visa and have it renewed every month.

The most stringent demand here is that you not leave Belize for more than 14 days during this period. If you’re worried that you’re at risk of breaking this requirement, it’s important to get in touch with the immigration office. Keeping a close relationship with the authorities will help you avoid making any mistakes and potentially expedite the process of getting your permanent residency. There are some exceptions to the two-month rule that may apply to your situation. You will also be required to pay for “residency stamps”. These typically cost $200 for each of the first six months.


Apply For Permanent Residency

If you can demonstrate that you’ve lived in Belize for nearly a year, all you really need to do is make sure all of your paperwork is properly filled out and your fees are paid for. The application fee is 2,000 American dollars. You’ll be required to provide a passport and birth certificate for proof of identity, proof of income to demonstrate financial stability, and medical and criminal records from both Belize and your home country. The amount of time it takes to have your application assessed can vary.

The Retired Person’s Incentive Program

If you’re over the age of 45 and financially comfortable, there may be a better path to residency available to you. Belize has an incentive program focused on people over the age of 45 and receives a foreign income of at least $2,000 a month. The QRP program alters some of the requirements for residency, provides significant tax breaks, and can also apply to dependents.

Obtaining permanent residency in Belize is easy by international standards. You generally just have to demonstrate a desire to live in the country permanently and the money to sustain yourself. But if you can manage to live in Belize for 50 months and not wants to stay, we’d be surprised.

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