Reserve Now to Dive With Whale Sharks in Belize in 2019!

Reserve Now to Dive With Whale Sharks in Belize in 2019!

Reserve Now to Dive With Whale Sharks in Belize in 2019!

Every spring when the moon is full, Belize is visited by some of the most magnificent and majestic creatures in the world’s oceans. Drawn to the outer edge of the Belize Barrier Reef by vast quantities of fish spawn, schools of whale sharks rise to the surface, offering a select group of divers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interact with these gentle giants.

Whale sharks are not whales. They are enormous sharks which earned their name due to their size, but thankfully not due to their ferocity. In fact, whale sharks are filter feeders, using a complex system of soft pads to strain their microscopic prey from the water. As such, whale sharks pose little danger to humans, making a dive encounter with these multi-ton animals a truly special experience.

Technically, whale sharks are the largest fish species that exist in the ocean. They are only found in warm, tropical waters, usually at depths far below what human divers can reach. But during the phases of the full moon, they rise to the surface in order to gulp down thousands of gallons of water, filtering out plankton and fish spawn before expelling the water through their gills.

The largest whale shark ever confirmed weighed around 21 tons (over 42,000 pounds) and was more than 41 feet (12.6 meters) long. Whale sharks circumnavigate the globe every year on an annual migration in search of plankton swarms and vast clouds of fish spawn. A whale shark’s mouth can open as wide as five feet (1.5 meters) across, and they have 10 different filters each with as many as 350 rows of tiny teeth that they used to strain out their food from the water.

If you’re interested in diving with whale sharks, here are the scheduled dates for when the whale sharks will be approachable in Belize in 2019:

  • April 19-27
  • May 18-26
  • June 17-25

In order to protect the animals, only a select group of dive tour operators are allowed to bring people to see the whale sharks, and the number of total divers is strictly regulated by law. If you’d like to dive with the whale sharks in 2019, book your reservation now with Barefoot Rentals and Services.

Barefoot is a full-service tourism company that organizes dive trips as well as adventures on the mainland. Barefoot also rentals vehicles (cars, SUVs, golf carts, and dirt bikes) so that visitors can explore Belize as their own pace.

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