Tips to Pick Right Shoes to Eliminate Foot Pain on Travel

Tips to Pick Right Shoes to Eliminate Foot Pain on Travel


Your foot health is a critical factor when choosing the right shoes to eliminate foot pain on travel. The challenging bit is finding the right fit to ensure adequate support. Some of the jobs people do or rather business involves traveling hence a need for the right shoes.

You can avoid pain by keeping the right footwear. Furthermore, the perfect shoes enable your body to stay safe from injuries. If your shoes fit you well, you remain comfortable and active while undertaking your daily activities.

An ideal shoe should protect your feet, joints, and legs. Most importantly, your activity type will determine the kind of shoes you may wear. So, let’s get down to business.

How to Select the Right Shoe

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 If possible, visit a specialty store. You may directly get the information from the staff or their website on the right shoe for our activity. While at the store, fit the shoes to find out your suitable size.

You can also observe the following points:

  • Your feet expand during the day. Therefore, shop for your ideal choice at the end of the day.
  • Use the same socks that you will wear for the activity when trying out the new shoes.
  • Let the shop assistant take your feet measurement. There are some cases when one foot is larger than its counterpart.
  • The shoes should be roomy enough to accommodate your feet. Check its spacious feature by wiggling all your toes.
  • You can check the comfortability of the shoes by running or walking.
  • The shoe should grip your heel well to prevent slipping while walking.
  • Feel the interior to determine if it contains seams, tags, or staff that can trigger foot irritation.
  • Test the stability of your sole’s tread by walking on both hard surfaces and carpet. A sturdy sole protects your feet against harmful objects.

Effects of Shoes on Legs, Feet, and Joints

Here is the problem: Tight shoes or insufficient supportive may place stress on ankles, joints, and feet. As a result, the user may experience more pain and injuries. Common sports problems such as Achilles tendon pain emanate from poor footwear.

After all, you may want to wear the correct shoes that may not limit your activities, right? If you wear the wrong footwear, you will experience the problems as mentioned below:

  • Mismatching your shoes on particular activities may increase the injury. For example, soccer boots should not serve other activities, such as visiting a beach.
  • Wrong shoes will trigger stress and pain in your joints and bones.
  • High heel has a weak recommendation for any activity.

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Right Shoes

You can rate if your shoes are the right ones to end foot pain while traveling by observing the following points:

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  • Comfort: Mostly, many designs utilize the midsole for cushioning functions. Notably, the footwear cannot eliminate the force that comes by the user’s body. Strategically, the cushions increase the time the force will take to apply, hence providing an allowance for your body to adjust.
  • Type: Know the function of the ideal footwear to narrow all your options. For instance, formal occasions will prompt you to shop for formal shoes. Then again, if you desire to use the footwear for sports, go for sports shoes. You may look comfortable and functional if you wear the right shoes for the right occasion.
  • Design: The selected shoes should meet your preferences and tastes. The secret is that your shoes should also match your attires. Meanwhile, the shape, color, and design should determine your choice.
  • Size: If you get the wrong size, it may lead to discomfort and injuries. Since feet expand during the day, it is appropriate to consider an expansion allowance to get the right fit. Fitting the shoe will clear your conscious even if you know your size.
  • Quality: The best quality is a guarantee that the shoes will serve you for a longer duration. In simple words, high-quality shoes are long-lasting. Every aspect of the shoe, such as the sole, should have excellent material construction.
  • Pricing: Various factors may dictate the price of particular footwear, such as design, quality, and the brand. If you are on a tight budget, narrow down your options to a comfortable price. If a suitable brand if on an affordable offer, why not go for it.

How Shoes Eliminate Pain


You may be wearing particular shoes but continue experiencing pains after the journey. Firstly, make some changes to the existing shoes. You may also use various shoe supports as indicated below:

a)    Arch Support 

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You can treat pain in the foot and the lower leg by utilizing arch support shoe. Arch supports exist in different materials inside the shoe. They support a specific area while altering the foot function and alignment.

Remarkably, one can reduce foot problems by wearing a different shoe or performing a strengthening and stretching exercise. However, you may require a specialist to assess long-term severe flat foot complications.

  1. Metatarsal Pad

 You can relieve foot pain found beneath the big toe’s ball, or relieve pressure by using a metatarsal pad. When fixed to the insole, the pad will regulate and distribute the pressure meant on foot’s ball.

If the problem persists, seek the services of a physiotherapist or podiatrist for further guidance. Moreover, reach out to a specialist shop to select the suitable shoes for you.

c)    Heel Cup

The heel cup will eliminate pain beneath the heel. Its material construction consists of foam and plastic. This cup will act to support the heel as well as reducing pressure beneath the tender area.


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There is nothing as disturbing as foot pain when you are wearing shoes as you travel to your destination. The discomfort caused by the pain may make your journey miserable. If you encounter such an experience, fret not, a solution is there for you.

Overall, acquiring the right shoes saves you from such horrible encounters. Suppose the complications persist, visits a specialist for further direction. A pain-free journey will put a smile on your face to enjoy your adventure.

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