Run Away to Belize Where English is Spoken and Tax-free Living Can Change Your Life!

Run Away to Belize Where English is Spoken and Tax-free Living Can Change Your Life!

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Orchid Bay Community in Belize

Belize, a little piece of Caribbean heaven, fits the definition of paradise, particularly for folks who dream of living in a tropical wonderland. What can Belize offer you that other nations can’t? So much, you might not believe your eyes when you read about what awaits you just a few hours by plane from where you now live!

-Everything in Belize is conducted in English. Whether you’re buying a house, shopping at a boutique or taking a tour of this nation’s beautiful resources, lawyers, realtors, shopkeepers, tour guides and everyone else speaks English courtesy of Belize’s forefathers.

-Real estate is plentiful. Consider a community like Orchid Bay, a residential development that’s built to exacting North American standards, which is why ex-pats flock here. Unlike other Caribbean real estate communities, Orchid Bay’s infrastructure is new and state-of-the-art, so whether you pick a turn-key home or you build from scratch, you never have to worry about sewer and power lines; they’re here.

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-Weather is divine. Donate heavy coats, boots, gloves, your snow blower and anything else required to exist in areas subject to chilly falls, harsh winters and iffy springs. Sure, Belize’s green season replenishes jungles, rainforests, flowers and trees with the showers needed to keep things lush, but think about it: you’ve already survived years of blizzards—can a refreshing rain shower be as bad?

-Do what you want every day of the week. Snorkel, dive, swim, sun, tour Mayan sites, investigate caves and wander jungles where hundreds of species of birds and animals live. Endangered wildlife is protected thanks to Belize’s commitment to the environment and you’ll have the time to practice responsible recycling here, too. But perhaps your wild side is limited to Scrabble or Bridge tournaments. You’ll be welcomed with open arms by Orchid Bay neighbors eager for new players.

-Take advantage of the Qualified Retirement Program, a resident-retiree initiative that may be the biggest reason of all to move to Belize. Who says you have to be 65 to retire? Get a 20-year head start here, since 45 has been decreed the official retirement age for ex-pats. Even if you start a business or decide to work, earn up to $201,600 USD annually and pay no taxes. Go ahead. Read that again.

-Do contemporary politics send you scurrying for aspirin because nobody listens to you? In Belize, government officials work actively on behalf of all citizens. They’re so approachable, you’re as likely to find a minister strolling a grocery store in shorts as wearing a suit and tie. Never thought you’d say that a government official took to heart your request, need or problem? Ex-pats laugh that this takes getting used to! Residents qualify for a second passport, too.

-Benefits keep coming! Finding a home that suits your budget is easy. Pick a turn-key property, undertake the sale in English and enjoy icing on the cake: Low real estate taxes. Further, you can ship your household goods and personal stuff to your new home in Belize duty-free. Retirees live comfortably on $1225 a month, an amount that’s usually less than a monthly U.S. Social Security check.

You owe it to yourself to check the voracity of this information by grabbing a plane, heading here and asking a million questions. By the time you return home, you’ll have more than enough answers to justify putting a For Sale sign on your lawn!


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