What It's Really Like To Dive The Great Blue Hole

What It’s Really Like To Dive The Great Blue Hole

belize blue hole

Great Blue Hole Of Belize – Largest Sink Hole In The World

There’s a gigantic navy blue hole that reaches down to the ocean floor, and it’s waiting for you off the coast of Belize. You may have heard of it since Belize’s Blue Hole is regularly featured in magazines and dubbed “the thrill to experience before you die!”

Why dive the Belize Blue Hole now? Because crowds have yet to descend upon the area, thus you can pick and choose between excursions to this magnificent site before things get too crowded. When you dive, take lots of photos. Next time you’re out for beers, your tales and photos are sure to impress.

Where to stay to make the best use of your vacation time while you’re in Belize? At Turneffe Island Resort, reported to be the destination of choice for adventure travelers because it’s in such close proximity to the Blue Hole.

Why is this dive destination so formidable? Because it’s the largest circular sink hole on the planet, measuring 984-feet across and 410-feet deep. As a UNESCO-named World Heritage site, it’s one of the most-often investigated natural wonders because the shape, depth and origins (collapsed underwater caves!) attract an inspiring mix of tropical fish at various depths, including some types of sharks.

In addition to its value as a unique destination, the Blue Hole has been the object of many a scientific inquiry. In 1836, Charles Darwin cruised these waters and commented on the coral configuration of the drop in conjunction with his investigation of the nearby Belize Barrier Reef and atolls in the vicinity. Other scientists have come and gone, but the Hole earned celebrity status in the 1970s when Jacques Cousteau literally turned the site into a tourism magnet and it has remained just that for over four decades.

If you dare to take this dramatic dive, you’re going to fall into a deep, dark expanse shaped just after the last ice age, so the multicolored stalactites and stalagmites you’ll see as you descend might remind you of a Walt Disney film on steroids! You’ll drop quickly and stick around only about 12 minutes because at that depth and for that amount of time, you can safely check out the splendor beneath the sea without putting yourself in any danger.

Of course, if you book your diving excursion with a licensed and skilled dive master through the Turneffe Resort concierge desk, there’s no need to worry about anything since you’ll be going out on an all-inclusive marine excursion that includes everything from the boat, the gear, the experienced and certified dive master and even a picnic lunch.

As one of the acknowledged greatest challenges in the Western Hemisphere, a Blue Hole dive requires your undivided attention, so no hanging out at Turneffe Resort’s happening bar until the wee small hours of the night before you dive, no matter how much fun you’re having. Instead, relax and prepare for the experience of a lifetime. After you’ve checked this challenge off your “must do” list, time to return to the Turneffe Resort bar to celebrate your accomplishment!

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