Six Reasons to Attend the International Costa Maya Event on Ambergris Caye

Six Reasons to Attend the International Costa Maya Event on Ambergris Caye

You’re probably asking this question when reading the above title: “Why would anyone need reasons to justify attending one of the biggest and grandest parties in Belize?” Fact is, your August calendar may be packed with activities and you need some very good reasons to scuttle those plans, head for Belize and check into a luxury accommodation like Grand Colony Island Villas. If the following reasons don’t convince you to visit between August 6th and 8th, enjoying low seasonal rates on Ambergris Caye might do the job. Now that’s a festival extra that requires your attendance!

Reason #1: Because Belize cultural events are rooted in history and folklore. This tribute to Mayan peoples living here thousands of years ago is an homage to a highly-developed and creative culture that left behind a wealth of artifacts and architectural treasures. By attending the Costa Maya celebration you learn so much more about this exotic, enlightened society.

Reason #2: It’s fun to predict who will win the annual Costa Maya beauty contest. Throughout the long weekend, you’ll likely encounter contestants wearing their national sashes everywhere you go. Decide which, in your opinion, is destined to win the crown as you check out representatives from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Belize, and then be on hand for the coronation on the 8th.

Reason #3: Because the Grand Colony makes the ideal respite when you need a break from all of the excitement. Non-stop parties, events and attractions are great fun, but there comes a time when only sprawling across a beautifully-made bed, contemplating ocean vistas from a private balcony or emulating Egyptian royalty by soaking in a long, luxurious bath will do.

Reason #4: You admit to being star-struck. Because the Costa Maya Festival attracts celebrities, diplomats, dignitaries and government officials from near and far, you never know who you’ll run into. Festival organizers sent out invitations for exclusive parties to all sorts of important people in the hemisphere. When these celebs aren’t at private gatherings, find lots of VIPs roaming around town and hobnobbing with festival goers.

Reason #5: You’re crazy about music. Whether you crave contemporary tunes or you’ve a penchant for Belize folk music, you’ll hear a bit of everything when you attend what is fast becoming one of the most eclectic musical celebrations in Central America. When you’re not luxuriating in your suite, eating lobster on the beach, playing beach volleyball or recovering from the all-night fair staged during Costa Maya, you’ll be treated to non-stop musical performances guaranteed to delight all of your senses.

Reason #6: Because it’s the best time to visit Ambergris Caye. August remains the least popular month for visiting Belize, so you won’t feel overwhelmed by crowds as you would later in the year when the multitudes arrive and everything costs more, from lodgings and food to adventure tours! Take advantage of specials everywhere throughout San Pedro, including all-inclusive amenities at Grand Colony Island Villas that never met a wallet they couldn’t please. And if the beauty pageant contestant you picked takes the crown, what more could you ask for?

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