Visiting Belize? Here Are 10 Things First-Timers Should Do

Visiting Belize? Here Are 10 Things First-Timers Should Do

What to Do in Belize

It isn’t easy to know what expectations to have when you are visiting a new place for the first time. Belize is nestled between Guatemala, the Caribbean Sea, and Mexico, and it boats ancient Maya ruins, colorful reefs, and exotic animals hidden away in Belize’s lush green jungles. The following are interesting things newbies can engage in while visiting Belize for the first time:

1. Enjoy Belizean Chocolate

belize chocolate tour

Ever heard that Belize has some of the world’s best chocolates? You can choose to start your stay with a chocolate tour. The ancient Maya introduced chocolate to the world and visitors can tour the Maya farms and learn to grow and make chocolate drinks and cuisines from chocolate pods.

2. Enjoy the Art of Drumming

Lebeha Drumming Center

Belize’s Garifuna culture is popular for its distinctive music. Many visitors visit the traditional drum schools to learn about drumming as an art. These traditional drum schools also have dance workshops in Garifuna musician studios and learn a bit of learning.

3. Have a Swim with Nurse Sharks

A couple of the most do itineraries in Belize contain Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark Ray Ally. This is because of the protected marine area. This is a rare lifetime event that anyone would not want to miss.

4. Belize Zoo

The Belize zoo

The Belize Zoo is one of the best in the Americas and is full of native animals. The zoo is dedicated to restoring wild animals to their natural habitat and mainly specializes in conservation. This must be on your bucket list while visiting Belize.

5. Ambergris Caye

ambergris caye vs caye caulker

Ambergris Caye has cultural appeal,  beachfront luxury resorts, and breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea. The island is a perfect base for travelers looking to snorkel, dive, fish, and participate in watersport activities.

6. Belize City

belize city

If you plan to visit Belize, Belize City should be on your itinerary. Some of the most popular attractions in Belize City include the historic Baron Bliss Lighthouse, the country’s Supreme Court, the beautiful St. John’s Cathedral, and the House of Culture.

7. Try Zip lining


Adding some soaring through the jungles of Belize is one thing thrill-seekers should look forward to when they visit Belize. Get your helmet and harness ready and enjoy amazing views of the Belize jungle.

8. Barton Creek Cave

Barton Creek Cave in Belize

Barton Creek Cave in Cayo District acts as a setting for fun canoe trips and is also an archeological site. This extensive cave system was once a treasure of the Mayas and is now open to the public. Tour the cathedral chambers adorned with stalactites and stalagmites.


9. Board a Water Taxi to Caye Caulker

Ambergris Caye Or Caye Caulker By Water Taxi

Boarding the water taxi to tour the popular island of Caye Caulker is almost like a rite of passage when you visit Belize. Speeding across the waves with fellow Belizeans with a view of the beautiful waters is a must-do when you visit Belize.

10. Tour the Great Blue Hole

The Blue Hole

You cannot travel to Belize for the first time and fail to fly over the Great Blue Hole. Seeing the spectacular view from above makes you want to make endless trips to Belize and take it all in. Do not forget to book an all-day diving excursion to sum it all up.

Belize is blessed to have a variety of tourist destination centers, and it is never a dull moment while there. Despite being a relatively young tourist destination, Belize has myriad unique experiences and is often referred to as a postcard-worthy destination. Book your first trip to Belize and get a taste of the endless attractions.

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