What Kinds of Alcohol Are Available in Belize? Here is a breakdown

What Kinds of Alcohol Are Available in Belize?

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What Kinds of Alcohol Are Available in Belize

The people of Belize are quite appreciative of spirits in many forms. If you are looking to grab a cold one, here is a breakdown of your options when drinking here.


Rum is an incredibly popular drink in the Caribbean because sugar cane, the main component, thrives here. When a crop becomes a staple of your economy for over a century, you learn all of its best uses, including libations. Rum and fruit juice is a duo that rarely goes poorly. As far as the domestic market goes, there are two big names for rum.

  • #1: Cuello’s Distillery
    Cuello has been a family-owned and run Orange Walk business for over seven decades. All their product labels are rich with Belizean imagery. Cuello offers dark rum, just labelled as rum; white rum, gold rum, extra-strong and Caribbean coconut.
  • #2: Travellers Liquor
    Travellers was established in 1953 and is known for “One Barrel,” a smooth gold rum accented with passion fruit, hibiscus and papaya. While One Barrel is iconic, Travellers is the only beverage producer within Belize to incorporate local fruits into its drinks. All Travellers rums involve fermenting molasses and include the following varieties: “Don Omario Vintage,” “Aged Dark,” “Cristal Parrot Lite,” “Classic White” and “Kuknat.”


Much more prevalent in Belize than in the States or Europe, bitters is high-proof rum blended with herbs and roots. While reputed to be medicinal, make sure to order a chaser.


Imported wine costs a lot and enjoys little interest. Domestic wine, on the other hand, is popular and made from blackberries, cashews or rice. Crooked Tree is well-known for its cashew wine.


alcohol in belize


There is only one major name when it comes to domestic beer and it is “Belikin.” The company name comes from the Maya name for the Belize River, which translates as “road to the east.” Even their logo, a profile of Altun Ha, is distinctly Belizean. Established in 19669, Belikin is the largest beer company in the nation, bottling 450 bottles a minute. Belikin offers a classic lager, stout, “Lighthouse Lager,” Belikin Premium and chocolate and sorrel stouts. Belikin is also officially licensed to brew “Guinness.”

Other Options
If you want beer other than Belikin or Guinness, you can easily find ” Hobbs” “Red Stripe,” “Heineken,” “Carib,” and “Dragon Stout.”

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