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The Beers in Belize

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What Kind of Beer is in Belize?

When you think of Belize, you think of the beautiful tropical beaches, the enchanting rain forest, and the ancient Maya temples that are scattered throughout this wonderful country. The friendly people, incredible diving experiences, and Caribbean music will also come to mind. Sadly, not many people think about the native beer.

Belize is a little bit different than most countries when it comes to beer. Most foreign beers are prohibited from coming into the country. Only a few Caribbean beers are allowed to be sold in Belize. The Guinness Stout that is sold in Belize is actually brewed by the Belize Brewing Company and is a slightly different recipe than the European version of this beer.

The Belize Brewing Company is the major brewer in the country and is responsible for producing Belkin, the most popular beer in the country. Named after the Maya word for “road to the east,” a reference to the Belize River, Belkin Beer is a classic Lager beer fashioned after European recipes that has a whopping 4.8 percent alcohol content.

The other fabulous beers you can enjoy from the Belize Brewing Company include:

• Belkin Stout – 

The Beers in Belize

This beer has a real smoky flavor to it and is the perfect combination of Canadian malt, German hops, and pure cane sugar grown in Belize.

• Lighthouse Lager –

Lighthouse is very similar to Canadian Pilsner beers and is very light and refreshing. Do not let the light flavor fool you though, it has a 4.2 percent alcohol content.

• Belkin Premium –


This superior beer has a very unique taste that everyone loves. It is made from three separate malts and two types of hops to create this truly Belize flavor.

• Guinness Stout –

A Belize version of this very popular dark beer. In Belize, however, this stout has a much stronger taste and higher alcohol content.

The Belize Brewing Company also offers some seasonal flavors. Some of these include a Chocolate Stout and a Sorrel Stout made from locally grown sorrel.

Import Beer You Can Enjoy In Belize

Belize does allow a few beers to be imported into the country. Supply can be limited, so there is never a guarantee if you will be able to find these beers. Allowed imports include:

• Red Stripe –

The famous beer in a round bottle from Jamaica.

• Carib –


A beer brewed exclusively in Trinidad and Tobago

• Heineken –


The European favorite that is brewed in St. Lucia

• Dragon Stout –


A slightly popular beer brewed in Jamaica


Craft Brewing Just Now Starting In Belize

Until recently, the Belize Brewing Company dominated the brewing industry in Belize. However, a few new craft beer companies have emerged that are creating their own unique flavors and brews. Most of these beers are only available in the pubs or storefronts that craft these beers.

The Napkin Wrapped Neck

In Belize you will soon discover that all bottled beer is served with a napkin neatly wrapped around the neck and top of the bottle. While some may believe that this is just a custom or a way to make the beer bottle attractive, it actually does serve a purpose.

All beer in Belize is bottled in recycled bottles using recycled caps. Bottles and caps are sanitized and reused as a way to protect their eco system. Napkins are wrapped around the tops of each bottle to ensure that if the caps have some rust on the outside it is caught by the napkin. It should be noted, however, that no one has actually seen rust on these caps and believe that it may be just a “wives tale” about the napkins.

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