What’s the One Thing You Must Know About Belize? That Retirees Live Like Royalty Here!

What’s the One Thing You Must Know About Belize? That Retirees Live Like Royalty Here!

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One thing every newbie must understand about Belize

If you’ve been considering a retirement move and Belize is on your short list, it’s important to know what separates this dynamic nation from its neighbors: You won’t find another country offering as many economic and social benefits to emigrants, and you definitely won’t find a community that’s more hospitable than Orchid Bay, where ex-pats ask every day, “What were we thinking? We could have moved here years ago!”

We’re so confident that you’ll fall in love with Belize after a single visit, we’ll help you hang a Home Sweet Home sign on your wall when you arrive–if friendly neighbors, eager to welcome newbies from “back home”–don’t beat us to it.

Relocating to Orchid Bay while you’re still in your prime is no pipe dream, because Belize’s official retirement age is a youthful 45. If you thought you had to wait to retire, put that notion to rest. North Americans come here because they don’t want to put off living the good life 24/7 and they want to do it in place where English is the first language.

Because the Belize government gives Americans the royal treatment, benefits you receive by moving here are plentiful. While the nation’s Qualified Retired Persons (QRP) program remains a huge attraction, it’s the enticements that come with QRP that tell the story. For starters, prove that you have an income source of at least $2,000 USD monthly (that’s $4,000 in Belize dollars!), commit to putting $24,000 in any Belize bank annually (the aforementioned $2,000 monthly) and your fiscal obligation for residency is complete.

Once you’ve settled into your new community, advantages abound: Travel to and from your former home as often as you like. Enjoy impressively low utility bills (typically, garbage, heat, water and power run $88 USD monthly). And since your Orchid Bay home is supported by modern infrastructure, you needn’t worry about having to pay to have plumbing and electricity run to your new home, as is often the case in other Central American countries.

On the subject of establishing your new home, you might not believe your eyes when you see the wide range of housing styles on the market in the Orchid Bay community. Some villas and condos are ready for occupancy and you can move right in. Build from scratch on available lots if you prefer. Whichever route you take, Belize real estate is affordable, property taxes are low and from floor plans to exterior design, everything you wish for in a dream home awaits.

So, you buy a house and run your household on a modest budget, but it’s likely that the combination of no personal taxes, duty-free privileges and lack of import duties on goods you bring with you (including cars, boats and even planes) will convince you of the wisdom of moving to Belize most of all–especially when compared to neighboring nations where governments assess ex-pats thousands of dollars in taxes.

Are you ready to trade life in the fast lane for life in the Belize sun where you can golf, sail and socialize surrounded by new friends and in a laid-back environment that can add years to your life? What’s the one thing you must know about Belize? That retirees are VIPs from the moment they arrive. Come visit. You won’t want to leave—but of course you must—unless someone else offers to do your relocation packing for you!

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