Why is Belize the Perfect Destination for Retirees?

Why is Belize the Perfect Destination for Retirees?

Those who will soon reach the retirement age, or have already started availing the benefits of a retiree, can better understand why saving is so important. Some may feel they should have started much earlier to end up with more dollar bills in their account. As you approach the retirement age, you want to save your accumulated wealth over decades and want it to last longer.

Many single persons and couples want to settle down after retirement to a serene place where there is less traffic, life is relaxed and there is no race with time. For retirees, Belize, nestled in Central America, is the best place to relocate. Relocating to Belize is a great way to relax and save on your savings. Check out why Belize is the perfect destination for retirees:

1. Awe-inspiring Natural Beauty

Belize has beautiful blue beaches that spread as wide as your eye can see. The tropical beaches are clear with fresh water and surrounded by exotic islands. The lush green trees and the abundant greenery in Belize are breathtaking. The air is fresh, unpolluted and the sun-drenched beaches are just what ageing bones need.

2. Low Government Taxes

One of the best things about Belize is that government taxes are low, which makes many things such as investing the country easy. There is negligible capital gains tax and other property tax. The ownership title of a business or a home is easy to acquire. These tax cuts are extremely beneficial for foreign investors. Property taxes are low, hardly ever over $100- $200 a year even for an extravagant home.

3.  Stable Dollar

The dollar bill rate in Belize is pretty stable that is beneficial for potential and current investors. In addition to that, residents of Belize can plan and spend accordingly, and eventually can stick to the expenditure and saving plan. This helps people to stay organized and increase their savings over the long run.

4. Low Cost of Living

The cost of living in Belize is lower than in America, Canada or other such countries. The average cost of living in Belize is $500 – $1000, depending on; your residential area, where you shop, what you buy. And a big chunk of it depends on what you eat. International food chains and products are a tad bit expensive, but if you’re living on local food, you can save up to a good $400 a month.



5. Relaxed Environment

Belize runs on Belize Time; life is slow and nobody is in a rush. Shops and businesses open late and close early. That’s a typical characteristic of a Belizean lifestyle. Most people use bicycles for commute while others go by foot. The casual lifestyle of Belize is what has a relaxing effect on the people.

For these reasons, and many more; Belize is the perfect place for retirees to relax and save for future. Property in Belize costs much cheaper than it costs in America, Canada or Britain. Therefore, if you want to settle in serene and tranquil location after retirement, then Belize is the right place for you. Enjoy the beaches, the nature, and a sweet merry life with your loved ones.

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