What's the deal with Belize? Why are people retiring there?

What’s the deal with Belize? Why are people retiring there?

What's the deal with Belize? Why are people retiring there?

If you’re starting to hear a lot of buzz about Belize, you might be wondering why this small Central American country has become attractive to retirees. Belize is a beautiful, popular vacation destination, but it’s also a great place to live and retire. Here are some reasons you should give Belize a second look.

A Tropical Paradise That’s Close to Home

If you’ve dreamed about retiring on the beach, you can make that dream happen in Belize. There are still affordable beachfront properties, especially in the popular and desirable Placencia area. The beaches are lovely, and the weather is warm and sunny most of the year.

Belize is a two-hour direct flight from most major U.S. and Canadian airports. If you need to travel back home, you can do it easily. If you want the family to visit, they won’t hesitate to jump on a plane for this gorgeous location.

Belize Is Easy and Breezy

Most people enjoy the slow, relaxed lifestyle of Belize. Retirees and expatriates who relocate here say they’ve forgotten what stress is. In Belize, you never have to worry about traffic jams, stressful schedules or cold weather.

The official language is English, the currency is easy to figure out and Belize is affordable compared to other Caribbean countries. In short, it’s easy to enjoy life here.

It’s Easy to Stay Active

Belize is a small country that’s big on natural beauty, adventure, cultural diversity and endless opportunities for recreation. The most popular destinations for expatriates and retirees are close to the beach and close to these opportunities to stay active.

Living in Placencia, for instance, allows retirees to work out at a fitness center, take long walks or bicycle rides, go fishing near the pristine barrier reef, take fitness and yoga classes, hike and swim in the Caribbean Sea. Placencia is a walkable area where you won’t need a car.

Best of all, you can enjoy all this fitness and fun in a setting that’s breathtakingly gorgeous.

Culture and History

Belize isn’t just beaches and warm weather. Belize’s unique history has made it a home for Maya, Mexican, Guatemalan, Afro-Caribbean, Dutch, Amish and English people. Belize has major historical sites, museums and cultural centers where you can learn about the many people that create Belize’s unique flavor. If you enjoy living in a culturally diverse country where you’ll hear many languages, Belize is perfect for you.

Enjoy Nature’s Bounty

Most farming in Belize is small-scale and organic. The produce, seafood, meats, herbs and dairy products you can buy here are fresh and pure. The water is clean and safe to drink.

Why You Should Pick Placencia

Placencia is quickly emerging as the best place to live, retire and invest in Belize. This area has a built-in expatriate community and easy access to dining, shopping, banking, medical care and entertainment options. It’s on the loveliest beaches in Belize and surrounded by scenic beauty.

If you’re interested in learning more about retirement and investment opportunities in Placencia, contact the experts at Boris Mannsfeld & Associates.

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