13 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit San Ignacio Town in Belize

13 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit San Ignacio Town

why you should not visit san ignacio town

The town of San Ignacio is drawing attention from travelers all over the world, but just because Belize is becoming one of the Caribbean’s most promising places for travel and retirement doesn’t mean that you should check this town out. Here are 13 excuses to stay as far away from San Ignacio as possible.

1. It’s the Gateway to the Cayo District

cayo belize real estate

The largest district in Belize is also known affectionately as the “Wild West” due to its high density of untouched and protected land. That’s great for people who want a natural wonderland consisting of caves, rivers, and jungle — but it’s awful for anyone who hates the very existence of those things.

2. You’ll Understand the Language


English is the national language of Belize, and that means that guests from throughout the western world can navigate the town of San Ignacio can communicate freely without being misunderstood. That’s a real shame for people who like a mandatory linguistic challenge during their vacation.

3. The People Are Too Friendly

belize people

There’s a warmth and authenticity to the residents of San Ignacio, and it’s avoided becoming overrun with commercial interests from outside. Fortunately, there are plenty of tourist traps outside the Caribbean if that’s what you’re craving.

4. There Are Scary Ghosts

The pyramid temple of Xunantunich is a feat of staggering ancient engineering, but it’s also believed to be haunted by the mysterious apparition of a woman. She hasn’t hurt anyone that we known of, but you might be best off staying away anyway.

5. They Take Their Food Seriously

If you’re going on a diet and completely lacking in self-control, San Ignacio may be too much of a temptation. Belizean food is a blend of cultural and coastal influences, and it’s hard to resist the smell of some exquisitely cooked rice and beans.

6. They Take Their Sweets Seriously Too

chocolate tour belize

AJAW Chcocolate & Crafts in San Ignacio Town teaches the process of making chocolate just as it was done by the ancient Mayas. Death by chocolate is a real possibility here.

7. And Also Their Ingredients

Belize Food

The Cayo District also has the advantage of being one of the agricultural hubs of the country. Meat, crops, and dairy are all grown fresh here, and that means that local markets and restaurants tend to use the freshest ingredients.

8. The Market Can Be Chaotic

the san ignacio market in cayo belize

San Ignacio Market really comes alive on Saturdays, and it’s the best place to get to know how the locals live. But it’s much safer to just have your groceries delivered to your door back home.

9. There Are Too Many Maya Sites

Cahal Pech Maya Ruins
The Cayo District was once the beating heart of the Maya Empire, and the multiple sites that remain are surprisingly intact. You wouldn’t want to be overwhelmed by the possibilities.

10. And Too Many Cultures

Belize Mennonites

Mayan, Creole, Garifuna, Mennonite, and Chinese people all call San Ignacio and the surrounding areas home, and they all contribute to the larger cultural tapestry in place. Why allow yourself the confusion?


11. The Weather’s Perfect

belize weather

Temperatures stay in the mid-80s all year long. In other words, you won’t have a chance to show off that cute new parka you just bought.

12. You’re On Your Own Schedule

Life tends to move at a different pace in San Ignacio — and Belize in general. Whether you’re looking to spend your day lazing down the river or exploring the quirks of the town, you’re completely free to set your own pace.

13. You’ll Never Want to Leave

the best of san ignacio belize

The truth is that once you’re in San Ignacio, you’ll find it hard to leave. There’s simply too much beauty and too many things to do.

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