10 Reasons to Visit Belize in Summer | Summer in Belize

10 Reasons to Visit Belize in Summer 2023

summer in belize

It’s no secret that Belize is a terrific and magical travel destination. A country rich in excitement, there are endless adventures to explore. From beaches to food to nature, this Central American nation has so much to offer.

Here’s why you should add Belize to your list of best summer vacation spots!


10 Reasons to Visit Belize in Summer

Many artisans are capable of making crafts of all kinds by hand. You also get the benefit of being able to watch them while they work.


The country’s location makes it easy to visit many other bordering countries. It takes less than a day to get to Guatemala or Honduras. You can also get to Mexico fairly easily.




For those that love history or related fields, some of the ruins of the Mayan civilization can be found in Belize. Notable sites include Caracol (the largest archaeological site in the country), Xunantunich and Cahal Pech.



The country hosts an exciting blend of cultures from Garifuna people to Mayan descendants to Chinese immigrants. It offers an amazing opportunity to enlighten yourself and experience multiple cultures at once.



Belize is teeming with natural wonders, and the flora and fauna are quite fascinating. It features numerous forests, jungles and reefs that host unique animals and plants. The country is also home to the world’s only jaguar preserve.

Great Blue Hole

belize blue hole
Here you can find the famous Great Blue Hole that offers an incredible location for divers. The hole is 480 feet deep and a quarter of a mile in width at the surface. It also makes a great stop for snorkelers.

Endless Activities

There are so many things to see and do in Belize, and they fit with various types of vacationers and group styles. Whether you enjoy bird watching, scuba diving or hiking, there is something for everyone.



belize money

In Belize, the official language is English. Although many languages are spoken, you don’t need to brush up on Spanish to function well. Currency conversion is also simple as 1 USD equals around $2 BZ, and U.S. dollars can be used for many purchases.



One of the best aspects of eating in Belize is the fact that many of the foods are locally grown or produced. Seafood is a large part of the diet, and you will likely get to try a variety of fish and crustaceans.



While in Central America, you’re bound to be drawn to the beach at some point. Areas such as Placencia and Hopkins offer some of the most tranquil and most beautiful beaches around.

Have you been to Belize or would you like to? Tell us about your experiences/plans/desires in the comments section below!

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