10 Reasons Why You Absolutely Must Attend November’s Reset Retreat in Belize!

10 Reasons Why You Absolutely Must Attend November’s Reset Retreat in Belize!

You’re mulling the upcoming Reset Retreat scheduled for November 2015, but you worry that your family can’t live without you. Neither can your boss–and for goodness sake, you really don’t deserve to spend that money on yourself when the washer needs replacing. Wake up and smell the enlightenment! When you’re good and kind to yourself, you’re a better mom, friend, wife and partner. Here’s why:

1. You’ll tone your body and mind by undertaking a fun/serious mix of activities that are guaranteed to leave you feeling at peace with yourself by the end of your four days at Ambergris.

2. You’ll hang with like-minded women. Not every woman is honest enough to get in touch with her feelings, insecurities and fears, but every woman you encounter at the retreat will inspire you with her grace and courage.

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3. You don’t have to wear makeup or heels! Makeup applications are optional at Reset Retreat, but lots of women who don’t leave home without mascara find that they’re so busy building their souls, they could care less about how they look.

4. You’ll discover unique perspectives. Every woman attending Reset Retreat–regardless of her age or ethnicity–brings a unique point of view. Listening to others explain how their personal philosophies and victories have shaped their lives might just re-shape yours!

5. You’ll take power over your life. Personal growth is no easy journey, but it’s worth the stumbling blocks like pushing through difficult memories and circumstances. Even if you arrive at Reset Retreat feeling powerless, you’ll leave feeling like you own the world.

6. You’ll experience zero pressure. Admit it: Pressure and expectations can dominate your life if you allow either to take over, but at Reset Retreat, you’ll learn how these hot buttons are pressed and how you can recognize and then diffuse both so you can see clearly into the future.

7. You’ll broaden your education. Nobody leaves Reset Retreat without having gained the wisdom of sages! Your education will be focused on YOU and the issues that keep you from achieving more and being comfortable in your own skin. Think of this as your personal College of Enlightenment.

8. You’ll participate in charitable events. There’s nothing like focusing on someone else’s problems and conditions to make you realize just how lucky you are to be living your life and enjoying this glorious retreat.

9. You’ll have fun. If you think that Reset Retreat is one cerebral conclave, au contraire! You can take advantage of opportunities to explore islands, kayak, pilot a catamaran, enjoy yoga sessions and even help draw up your own nutrition and detox plans.

10. You’ll return to your family a different person. People within your personal circle will be struck by your confidence, positivity, poise and serenity when you return from your four-day metamorphosis. Think of yourself as a former caterpillar who returns home as a butterfly! Want to learn more? www.resetretreat.com.


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