12 Reasons You Should Travel to Central America

12 Reasons You Should Travel to Central America

There is an entire world to explore, adventures waiting to be had and amazing cultures that you have not yet immersed yourself in; and your next vacation is the perfect time to explore beautiful lands far from home. While the sky is the limit in terms of where your next adventure takes you, Central America may be the ideal destination for an unforgettable journey. In fact, there are a dozen reasons why you should book your trip to Central America soon.

1. Costa Rican Rain Forests
The lush, green rain forests found throughout much of interior Costa Rica can be an amazing departure from the wide open plains and snow-capped peaks across Canada. With time in the Costa Rican rain forests, you can enjoy adventures that range for river kayaking and four-wheel ATV experiences to hiking and wildlife viewing.

2. Tikal, Guatemala
Central America has an amazing history that dates back to ancient times, and you can walk through some of the most stunning Maya ruins with a visit to Tikal. Here, you can view temples and ancient structures that stand up to 44 meters tall and that rise beautifully from the dense rain forest. With the sounds of the jungle coupled with the serenity of ancient landmarks, this is a truly memorable destination to explore.

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3. Ambergris Caye, Belize
A trip to Central America would not be complete without spending time lounging in the sun and strolling along a sun-kissed stress of paradise. Ambergris Caye is the largest and most popular island in the northern waters of Belize and measures 25 miles long and 5 miles across. It is located just 35 miles northeast of Belize City and can be reached on a 10-minute plane ride or an hour and half boat ride. While you may love swimming and snorkeling in the typically tranquil, crystal clear waters, you will also be just steps from amazing Central American cuisine and nightlife in this charming island.

4. Bay Islands, Honduras
The Mesoamerican Reef located off the coast of the Bay Islands in Honduras is second in size only to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. This is a true divers’ paradise, but you can also have a great time on land listening to live reggae music and backpacking across the scenic plains. While some travelers may want to visit nearby Roatan for a mainstream travel experience, there is much to love when you step off the beaten path and explore Bay Islands.

5. Ruta de las Flores, El Salvador
If there is one must-see destination in El Salvador, it is the 36-kilometer section of the country known as the Ruta de las Flores. You can spend several days enjoying all that this area has to offer with its gorgeous waterfalls and vistas in the Cordillera Apaneca, its quaint shops and its delicious cafes. While there, be sure to go mountain biking and horseback riding for true adventure, and tour the local coffee plantations for a cultural experience.

6. Arenal Route, Costa Rica
The famous Arenal area in Costa Rica has much to offer adventure-seekers who want to enjoy a fun-filled vacation. From taking a scenic drive on the Ciudad Quesada that winds around the Volcan Platanar and the Laguna de Arenal to exploring the unique Austrian culture in lovely villages, there is much to enjoy in the Arenal area.

7. Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala
When you want to experience traditional Central American culture, Lago de Atitlan in Guatemala is a must-see destination. This placid lake sits serenely surrounded by beautiful green hills and quaint fishing villages. Whether you ride across the lake or stroll along the shore, you can view townspeople going about their daily routine and admire volcanoes in the distances.

8. Hummingbird Highway, Belize
Exploring the Hummingbird Highway in Belize can provide you with many adventures and plenty of great pictures to share with the folks back home. This route takes you through the Maya Mountains, and you can stop to explore scenic areas like Cave’s Branch, St. Herman’s Cave, Blue Hole and others. These areas are ideal for swimming in cenotes, cave tubing and more.

9. Leon, Nicaragua
While Central America is filled with numerous beautiful natural areas, some of its cities offer unique experiences that are not to be missed. Leon, Nicaragua. Leon beautifully combines colonial architecture with modern structures and even towering cathedrals. You can lose yourself walking through these streets while you admire the culture, pick up souvenirs at the shops and dine at local cafes.

10. Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua
One of the more recognizable vistas in Central America is found in Isla de Ometepe in Nicaragua. Here, you can admire the two volcanic peaks that have inspired poets and authors like Mark Twain. The area is also known for its archaeological sites, its abundant wildlife and its gorgeous beaches. Despite it being a well-known landmark, it is relatively unvisited. This provides travelers with the perfect departure from busy tourist areas.

11. Panama City
Panama City is a unique travel destination unlike any other in Central America. It boasts the perfect combination of cosmopolitan nightlife in its vibrant downtown area, but there are also historic areas with cobblestone streets like Casco Viejo and even the famous Panama Canal. You can spend several days getting to know this bustling metropolitan area.

12. Monteverde & Santa Elena, Costa Rica
Whether you are a bird lover or an adventure seeker, a trip to Monteverde and Santa Elena in Costa Rica will leave you feeling relaxing and even mesmerized. These two villages stand amidst the tropical beauty of a beautiful cloud forest, and it is home to numerous tropical birds. Interestingly, while this area is rather removed from civilization, it is a hub of activity for organic farmers and alternative energy production.

With so much to see and do in Central America, you can easily plan an amazing adventure filled with wonderful experiences for your next getaway.

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