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17 Reasons to Take the Kids to Belize

Things To Do With Your Kids in Belize

Updated: Jan 13, 2017. 4: 42 a.m. CST.


17 Reasons to Travel to Belize with Your Kids

We wish we could take credit for the name twist, but there’s a reason families who visit Belize call the country un-Belize-able. To prove it, we’ve listed 17 reasons to travel here with kids. Make the trip doubly enjoyable by putting your itinerary into the hands of an agency with years of experience planning family trips that suit all ages and stages—a reputable resource like Break Away Travel. These professionals know how to customize a visit and according to families they’ve assisted, their expertise shows.

1. Require journals. With the exception of pictures, your family adventure can fade fast, but if you give your kids journals and encourage them to record their experiences in Belize, these little books become family heirlooms!


2. Take the kids cave tubing where families float into mysterious chambers that set kid’s imaginations on fire.

3. Take a family camping trip to a deserted atoll (like the one Robinson Caruso found) and camp there for a night. Bring the book and read it aloud by the light of a campfire.

4. Show your children how dolphins, manatees and sharks live and flourish in their natural habitats. It’s time your kids learned that the ocean is home to creatures other than Nemo!

5. Ride golf carts around beachfronts where cars and humanity are sparse. Many Belize resorts supply golf carts to guests, so ask before you book your accommodations.

6. Let youngsters blow off steam by visiting expansive Mayan ruins throughout Belize. Pick a site that is easy to navigate for your kid’s ages or allow the Break Away Travel experts to suggest one.

7. Don’t discount staying at a beautiful resort where every room comes with a big, roomy hammock on a private veranda. You get cuddle time with your kids. What’s not to love?

8. Visit wildlife preserves. Challenge your children to identify creepy, crawly, scaly things. Belize is home to crocodiles, iguanas, geckos, tarantulas, armadillos and other creatures sure to fascinate them.

9. Introduce your brood to Belize’s howler monkey population. Pardon the pun, but these apes are a scream! The kids are welcome to shout back, but they’ll grow weary long before these loud mouths do.

10. If they’re old enough for extreme sports, Belize is the perfect place to let the kids try zip lining, cliff diving and other activities under the watchful eyes of you and local guides.

11. Expose your children to the diverse culinary tastes of Belize. No need to reveal the truth: healthy, fresh produce is included in many exotic recipes, but the kids may not recognize the fruits and veggies.

12. Will you visit Belize with a junior diva in tow? Take her shopping for shell-embellished bracelets, t-shirts and souvenirs at town markets and shops. You know she’s eager to spend that saved-up allowance, right?

13. Do the standard stuff: Hang out on the beach, dine al fresco, take a picnic, pilot kayaks, splash in swimming pools and take advantage of kid-related activities run by resort staff.

14. Show your kids Belize’s Great Barrier Reef. No need to tell them it’s an educational experience. The reef is an archaeology, marine biology and earth science treasure trove, the second longest on the planet and a great conversation starter.

15. If you’re sure they won’t freak out, take your little travelers to see the crystalized remnants of Mayan skeletons that have remained within their cave homes for thousands of years.

16. Go fish. Every type of fishing is available in Belize from deep sea adventures to river and flats excursions. Some resorts will even cook what your child catches for dinner, so have a camera on hand at both locations.

17. It’s an adventure! If your kids love Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean or cartoons featuring adventurers and critters, they’ll find the real things here in Belize (minus the pirates and Indiana).



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