5 Best Places for a Family Friendly Adventure Vacation to Belize

5 Family-Friendly Belize Adventures Designed Just for You

Need an excuse to justify taking your kids on vacation? How about the study undertaken by the U.S. government a few years back that proves taking children of any age on interesting vacations not only makes them more tolerant but smarter. The study proved a link between kids as young as six (first grade) and academic achievement, so if you want your kids to be class stars, put a Belize trip atop your must-do list.

1. Basecamp Adventure: how does a trip that includes paddling, snorkeling, fishing, swimming, and exploring sound to you? This popular multi-generational family package even supplies hammock time for weary parents. On this trip, Island Expeditions takes your party to Glover’s Reef, River of Caves and Lighthouse Reef for a variety of safe, lively, healthy activities, and since guides are trained to handle everything but toddler melt-downs, you’ll be in great company during your holiday.

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2. Jungle Adventure. Allow Island Expeditions to escort you and your wide-eyed offspring to the Bocawina Forest Resort in the Bocawina National Park. This eco-resort offers opportunities for children of all ages to zip line, repel down waterfalls, hike forest trails, ride horses through jungle, go cave tubing and–when kids finally run out of steam—birdwatching. Accommodations at this remote lodge are designed for inquisitive kids and parents. What child wouldn’t want to tell friends about sleeping in the Parrot’s Nest or Howler Monkey room?

3. Jungle and Beach Adventure. Let’s say that while you don’t mind turning into Indiana Jones for part of your holiday, you want to find out how it feels to plant yourself on a beach with a book in hand. Does this Island Expedition choice mean everyone is satisfied? Their guests say “Yes!” with great enthusiasm. Spend time on guided tours or excursions at Bocawina Rainforest Resort and then morph into a lounge lizard in either Hopkins or Placencia, towns that offer so much to see and do, you may not get all the beach time you crave.

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4. Ultimate Adventure for Teens. In addition to staying physically active and working off teen angst, if you book this intriguing trip, you’ll sharpen the minds and bodies of your curious explorers. This adventure is only for high schoolers and above because it’s a rugged camping experience into the depths of Belize’s most remote corners. Don’t tell your teens this, but they will return home curious and eager to learn more about Belize and her people after guides lead everyone into dark, mysterious caves and Mayan ruins where human sacrifice was an important Mayan religious practice.

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5. Lodge-to-Lodge Adventure. This experience satisfies the widest age range of travelers because the perpetually on-the-go, island to island expedition includes watersports like sea kayaking and SUP boarding, but there’s an element of luxury and relaxation that works for adults of all ages. Luxe accommodations at family lodges give everyone opportunities to see Belize’s beautiful islands, the food at each lodge is delicious and you’ll enjoy all of the comforts of home. No experience required to indulge in island life, but if you’re having trouble deciding which of these options is best for you, learn more about them all at http://www.islandexpeditions.com/belize-vacations-blog/5-best-places-family-friendly-adventure-vacation-belize#sthash.NqqsGVXC.dpuf!

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