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50 Reasons to Buy Real Estate in Belize

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What will it take to convince you that paradise awaits–that you’re just one “yes” away from living a dream in a place and at a pace that you’ve only dreamed about? How about 50 reasons? Each one of the following offers a compelling reason to choose Belize for your new home.

1. Save on gas. The entire nation of Belize is just 8,860 square miles. Travel the nation without racking up huge gas bills.

2. Save on heating and cooling. Move to Belize where your power bills won’t send you into sticker shock.

3. Everyone speaks English. Dubrovnik is gorgeous but learn a new language? Not in Belize.

4. It’s easy to buy real estate. Belize real estate laws make it easy to put down roots. Choose from three options: Tourist card, QRPP (Qualified Retired Person Program) or permanent residency.

5. Make friends. Find welcoming neighbors and friends with diverse interests in Belize—ex-pats who have bought Belize properties and are happy to help you get settled.

6. Escape racial tensions. In Belize, diversity is celebrated and appreciated.

7. Sky-high crime? No way. Crime in Belize is low, a fact that draws many ex-pats to this peaceful nation.

8. Enjoy private property rights. Homes for sale in Belize come with private property rights, another reason home sales in this country are trending upward.

9. Stay connected to the people you love thanks to an efficient postal system and sophisticated state-of-the-art telecommunications in Belize.

10. No capital gains tax. Belize real estate services are plentiful, and you won’t have to pay capital gains taxes if you trade up. Bequeath your real estate to heirs–there’s no inheritance taxes, either.

11. Enjoy a stable currency. Currency rates in Belize are stable, fixed and secure.

12. Leave crowds behind. Belize’s population is sparse in direct proportion to land mass, so find peace and tranquility away from the constant din.

13. Life’s a beach. Belize’s shoreline is expansive; white sands are pristine and lovely. Find seashells, not trash and refuse.

14. Barefooting? Pack your Christian Louboutins and Manolo Blahnicks for your Belize move, but you might not wear heels often once you adopt the region’s casual dress code.

15. Ocean notions. Belize is known for world-class diving and snorkeling environs. This is your chance to master these recreational pleasures.

16. Pristine rainforests. Belize’s magical rainforests can help you understand the meaning of untouched and unspoiled amid rejuvenating ecosystems.

17. Dental services. Spend around $40USD for a filling and around $350USD for a crown. Some practitioners trained in the U.S.

18. Medical services. Find basic medical services in Belize City, Vista Del Mar, Ladyville and Ambergris Caye; nearby Mexico and Guatemala offer surgeries running around 25-percent of the cost of U.S. procedures.

19. Practice your faith. Locate just about every religions community you seek, from Catholic churches to the Barton Creek Orthodox Mennonite Community and Seventh Day Adventists in Santa Elena.

20. Build a home using indigenous earthbag, straw and adobe construction for about $60 to $80USD per square foot in Belize (compare to $80 to $240USD in the U.S.).

21. Grow your own food in rich, nutrient-packed soil not soaked in artificial, toxic additives and pesticides.

22. Live responsibly and in harmony with wind- and sun-based technology if you choose to invest in it.

23. Start a business. Take advantage of Belize laws to launch commercial ventures supported by the nation’s efficient rail, water and truck transportation systems.

24. Forget paying therapists. An easy-going vibe, laid back tempo and time to interact with friends is the ideal prescription for sound mental health.

25. Expand your palate. Learn to prepare dishes native to Belize like classic rice and beans with potato salad. Erase the words “frozen” and “canned” from your culinary vocabulary.

26. Grow native herbs to reinvent your recipes, like recado, a favorite flavoring for indigenous dishes.

27. Celebrate holidays Belize style. Adopt local customs. Fruit cake? This Belize version is soaked in rum.

28. Expand your knowledge of wines by sampling cashew, craboo, blackberry, mango and other wines and liqueurs bottled in Belize.

29. Take cooking classes. Native cooks are delighted to share family recipes and secrets with newcomers.

30. Develop a taste for Belikin Beer, this nation’s lager; avoid paying hefty taxes on imported brews—even from neighboring Guatemala.

31. Learn mysteries of Maya culture. Belize was home to two million Mayas; read books about this heritage.

32. Tour Maya ruins supported by the Belize government to discover the nation’s past as far back as 350 B.C.

33. Become a wildlife expert. Track white tail deer, bats, squirrels, foxes, tapirs, coati, paca, armadillos, crocodiles and species indigenous to Belize.

34. Enhance your birding skills. Many veteran birders don’t know that Belize is home to more than 200 species.

35. Dabble in archaeology. Government- and university-sponsored digs offer opportunities to delve into new areas of exploration related to Belize’s prehistoric history.

36. Climb a mountain. Visit the Maya Mountains located within the Chiquibul Forest Reserve or get the same thrill climbing “Canaa,” the largest man-made pyramid in Belize.

37. Take a boat tour. Travel the vast coastline of Belize. Learn more about major trade routes that played an important role in the history of Belize.

38. Visit Barton Creek. This area is lavished with cave formations and relics that tell stories of the area’s Maya inhabitants.

39. Shop for luxury properties at Cerros Sands (https://cerrossands.com) for one-of-a-kind retirement homes. Inquire about Belize real estate opportunities you won’t find elsewhere.

40. Furnish your Belize home with beautiful pieces handcrafted by skillful local artisans. Find treasures on Front Street that showcase your unique decorating style and taste.

41. Enjoy rare cigars. No embargos, trade restrictions or bans on hand-rolled cigars from Cuba or anywhere else!

42. Make Belize your gift shopping Mecca. Send back original art, world-class jewelry and gifts to friends and relatives that won’t be duplicated.

43. Buy Belize real estate for investment, even if you don’t plan to live there in the near future. Make it your vacation destination so you can avoid hotels while on holiday.

44. Indulge in a craft you’ve been longing to learn. Jump into wood carving, painting or jewelry making. Belize artisans can help guide you and help you find supplies.

45. Start a club. Once you’ve undertaken your search for Belize real estate with Belize hub and settled in, share your talent as a way of making friends and connecting with neighbors.

46. Become an art patron. Ethnic Belizean art is unique and worth time you take to become an expert. Get to know shop owners and artists to get in on gallery events and the Belize fine arts scene.

47. Write the book that lurks inside your head. You won’t find a more inspiring environment.


48. Refine your photography skills. You’ve got the equipment. Now, you’ve got the time. Inspiration? It’s everywhere. Use those photos to convince friends to move closer to you.

49. Find property advertised as Belize for sale by owner if you desire a home that’s established rather than a new development. Ex-pats regularly buy small and realize they want larger homes, so you could land a sweet deal.

50. Seduce everyone back home! Convince them to join you. Keep an eye on Belize homes for sale postings and send them to loved ones. You’re already an expert on how to buy real estate in Belize, so share your enthusiasm for Belize.

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