6 Ways to Get Acquainted with a Girl on the Beach

6 Ways to Get Acquainted with a Girl on the Beach

Everyone knows that any vacation on the beach will never be great without having at least a little resort fling. Of course, the sun, sea, sand, partly naked bodies in Belize are the main catalysts for any romance. Especially when you are just to relax without either pressing deadlines or important business meetings. Despite the fact that literally everything on the beach vacation makes you the most desirable and hottest man on Earth in the eyes of single girls for dating you should not be corny or boring. Also, do not look demanding or impudent as that can scare away a poor girl. Yes, you might say here are so much don’ts and so little dos. Let us change the situation and tell you what actually to do to conquer the heart of a hottie on the beach. Stick to the following steps and fill in your blanks in the number book!

  1. “Hi! Can I take a photo of you?”

This way is definitely for the confident men who know what they want. What is more, this one is the simplest. You just admit and brightly demonstrate that you admire the woman’s body. Let us be honest, it flatters any person. A confident woman will always be eager for you to remark her body. After such a distracting move, which will make you more attractive, you can get down to business…Ask for her phone number, of course. And what have you thought about? Most of the women will be eager to respond to such a request or even an offer. One more advantage is that you will know at once, whom of the ladies you picked has a boyfriend. Those are likely not to allow you have their photos, to say nothing about selfies. The same is about shy and those women whose self-esteem is lower than the Black Hole in Belize.

  1. Offer a cold drink during a baking hot summer

No doubt, any cold drink will make your date’s icy heart melt. There is nothing in the world better that a hot guy bringing a cold drink where there is no bar nearby. As you might have understood, this point is also about special efforts. Any man can walk 10 feet to a bar and bring it out to the woman he likes. However, just imagine a single girl laying on sand being thirsty and literally baked having no options – no bars, shops around. And here we have a well-tanned man approaching with an icy mojito. She will see not only a very attractive man, but also a true predator, who will care about his woman despite anything.
For this pickup method, you will only need a cooler and several drinks bought in advance. The bigger the cool bag, the more new female’s numbers you will have on your list. Just keep it in your mind!

  1. Make a perceivable compliment

Usually the sea tends to spoil your best compliments by stifling your words or even changing them. What you want to do, is saying something not corny, but special about her. By the way, a special note for 20 lvl pickupers: she will go for your compliment only if it is a true one. Never imply the same with several women. Take your time before saying anything. Have a look at the woman you intend to ask for a date and wonder what attracted you to pay attention to her exactly. The reason she is the only single girl here does not work, to say nothing about emphasizing the fact during flirt.
In order for her to hear your words distinctly, say it loud and slow enough, but never scream. Remember to smile. This way even if she mishears or misses some words of your speech, everything will still be great.

  1. Say “Hi!” while playing or walking

People on the beach do not always lay. If you are looking for an active girl and not an Instagram or tanning lover, go for the walking women. To attract a lady while walking you have to move your body naturally, stay calm and cool. Keep your back straight and smile. Obviously, a confident man always draws attention. When you notice the first smile in respond, do not miss the chance, change your direction and say “Hi!” or “How are you doing?” Body is one of the most essential flirt methods on the beach. Use it in a right way and everything will be just great.

  1. Take a friend with you

It can be either your buddy or a dog. Women usually go to the beach with their friends. Even if they are on vacation in a foreign country, ladies are able to find a girlfriend in hours. If you start to flirt with all the women on your own, in most cases it will look strange. Paying attention to one girl only may irritate her friends, which is why they will be eager to bring her friend back to the girl’s club.

You must look like you are having fun. That is why, one of your best friends will be perfect for the role of companion. Playing with your dog on the beach, several women will surely try to pet him, play with and then talk to his master. Be careful when moving from a talk between strangers about the way you look after dog to a flirt. Think in advance how to answer or ask questions in order to hit on a girl and not to offend her.

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