7 Things to Know When Considering Retirement in Belize

7 Things to Know When Considering Retirement in Belize

With a robust system of laws written and adjudicated in English, beautiful weather all year-round, a low cost of living, and attractive residency programs, it’s no wonder that Belize is a popular place to retire and invest in.

If you’ve ever considered purchasing a slice of the good life in Belize, here are 7 important things to know when considering retirement:

1 – It’s Easy to Get To/From Belize

Whether you’re coming from a major American city like Miami, Houston, Atlanta, or New York, or even Toronto in Canada, there are a number of non-stop and direct flights from North America and Belize. Premiere airlines like Southwest, American, WestJet, Taca, and United all offer service to and from Belize, making it easier than ever to have friends and family visit you in Belize or head to North America for reunions and personal business.

2 – The Qualified Retirement Program

Known as the Qualified Retired Program (QRP), this special program offered by the government of Belize allows eligible individuals to live in Belize while importing all of their household and personal goods (including cars, planes, and boats) without having to pay taxes or custom duties.

what you must be aware of before you retire in Belize

3 – There’s a Thriving Expat Community in Belize

If you’re considering retiring in Belize, you should know that you’ll be joining several thousand other people who have already made the move. Whether you’re considering enclaves like Cayo District in the west or the island of Ambergris Caye, close-knit expat communities are established with lots of social events, hangouts, aerobics and yoga classes, sporting events, and all the information you’ll need to make you feel right at home.

4 – Great Healthcare

Thanks to significant investments in infrastructure by the government and plenty of privately-owned healthcare providers, you’ll always be in good hands in Belize. Quality hospitals and clinics can be found in every big town and large village in Belize. Best of all, most procedures are far more affordable than in the United States.

5 – A Growing Market

If you’ve done your homework on property values and prices in the Caribbean, you’ll know that some countries are quite expensive while other countries are too unstable to provide the security necessary for a long-term investment. Belize is located right in the sweet spot with plenty of affordable properties in great locations, a peaceful and democratic government, and a bright future ahead of continued growth.

6 – English

Anyone who has vacationed in Belize knows just how convenient it is that the signs are in English and you can easily communicate with the locals. But an additional benefit of Belize having English as its official language means that all laws, contracts, and judicial matters are also handled in English, meaning you’ll always know exactly what to expect when making an investment.

7 – Ceiba Realty and Development

ceiba realtyMore than just a real estate company! Ceiba Realty has the knowledge and expertise to guide you in your Belize endeavors from start to finish whether building a home, creating a development, establishing a farm or securing the perfect investment. With years of experience in the real estate industry and first-hand experience in every facet of business and investment in Belize, Ceiba Realty can guide you through with reliability and integrity. When making your Belize decisions, choose Ceiba Realty.

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