A 3-Minute Trip To Belize

A 3-Minute Trip To Belize

Yesterday on Instagram, I thumbed passed no less than 10 pics of lattes or flowers or both captioned “Easy Like Sunday Morning”, which only made me dread Monday morning even more because there’s nothing easy about it.  Either, you’re hungover because you had to consume a massive amount of alcohol to endure your alma mater’s pathetic football play.  Or, you’re annoyed because instead of ironing clothes, you watched “Love Actually” and now your pants are more wrinkled than a shar pei puppy. Or, you’re exhausted because you thought a 2-hour afternoon nap was a good idea until you were laying in bed wide-eyed at 4:18 a.m.

While I can’t cure your hangover or steam your slackers or abolish your bags, I can share some pre-DSLR-days photos of our trip to Belize and the top 3 reasons I want to return in the hopes of transporting you there, if only in your mind, if only for 3 minutes, to make this Monday morning a little bit easier.

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