Begin the New Year 2015 in Belize

Begin the New Year 2015 in Belize

Begin the New Year 2015 in BELIZE! TWO MASTER TEACHERS SHARING FOUR DAYS OF HEALING OFFERINGS! Thursday, January 15 – Sunday, January 18 OM SHANTI YOGA AND REIKI CENTER Belize City, Belize, Central America.

Join Lorraine Meyer and Michelle Ashanti Williams in Belize, Central America for an exceptional week of sharing! Choose one or all of the workshops and join in and enjoy our Reiki Circle.

For the first time in Belize, these two Reiki Masters will offer classes and workshops designed to facilitate your transformation. Breathwork, a Reiki Sharing Circle in addition to Reiki I & II Classes, make this an opportunity with something for everyone!

January 15
6:00-8:30pm Breathe Anew
Breathwork with Lorraine

The conscious use of breath is an ancient science that is a least 5000 years old. It is considered the bridge between the body and soul as breathing in is a process of going inside and breathing out connects us to the outer world.

When we experience a life trauma, an aspect of us will create defense mechanisms to keep us from re-experiencing the pain. The defenses compartmentalize and splinter parts of our true Selves and make aspects of our divine nature inaccessible. Our life loses its wholeness, health and power.

Ironically, the very feelings we bury are directing our life unconsciously and recreating the pain of the trauma that we are trying to avoid in an attempt to be whole. Our core programming is held in our breathing, therefore it can be changed by breathing ourselves out of our ordinary state of consciousness. In altering the breath, we experience what is like to be in our “original,” state, that of loving wholeness.

Breathwork allows you to access and release stored patterning, connect to the greater Self and heal repressed memories at a cellular level.

January 16
6:00-8:00pm Reiki and Sharing Circle By Donation

January 17 10:30-5:30pm Reiki Level I, Class & Attunements

January 18 10:00-5:00pm Reiki Level II Class & Attunements
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