Visit The Belize Sign Monument on your trip to Belize City

It’s A Sign of the Times: Belize City’s Colorful Sign Monument!

belize sign monument

When folks in Southern California name iconic sites that mustn’t be missed during visits to Tinseltown, you’ll always find the imposing HOLLYWOOD sign overlooking the U.S. movie-making capital atop lists. It’s hard to miss. The original construction took place in 1923 and the original spelling was HOLLYWOODLAND, referring to the posh real estate subdivision built at the foot of Mount Lee, where it stands today.

Was Belize inspired by this imposing sign that has been rebuilt and refurbished over the years? Of course not! In fact, while the plain white Hollywood sign (the LAND appendage was removed in 1978) is perched atop a cliff and out of reach to only those eager to trek dicey terrain, Belize’s version is at sea level for all to enjoy. It’s approachable, colorful, playful and perhaps the favorite place in all of the country to have a souvenir photo taken while visiting Belize City.

Who can you thank for Belize’s lively alphabet soup of letters that call attention to the nation’s name? Belizean attorney Estevan Perera. He concluded that the beachfront along the Belize City shoreline needed a boost of energy in 2014 and up popped 6 vivid letters that visitors and citizens call their favorite place to snap photos.

Adjacent to the Baron Bliss Lighthouse and standing out smartly against the backdrop of the Caribbean Sea, visitors take creative license when they capture their own photographic poses and this includes folks who stick their heads through the B, arrange a party of people amid all 6 letters, and there have been some really crazy acrobatics associated with this iconic sign.

While you’re onsite, there’s a little eatery across the street that sells drinks and popsicles, on the off chance that another party of picture takers has already commandeered the sign. And if you’re the artsy type, borrow this tip from an obviously skilled photographer: show up at the monument in the evening when tourists are less likely to hold you up. This time of day—-when the sun turns everything golden—-will enhance your photos and make them postcard-worthy.

Will you need the perfect memento of your trip to Belize when you come down to take advantage of low summer resort and tour rates? Swing by the Belize Sign Monument to capture the spirit of your visit. You can’t miss the spot located on Sea Shore Drive in the Buttonwood Bay area, but one word of caution before you go: It’s better to settle your bum onto the Z rather than trying to stand on either of the Es—especially if you’re not particularly agile!

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