Five Delicious Belizean Breakfasts You Need To Try

5 Delicious Belizean Breakfasts You Need To Try

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belizean breakfasts

If you ever wake up in Belize hungry, know that your hunger will not last for long. Belize is home to several delicious, simple and filling breakfast foods to satisfy a variety of palettes and tastes. For a good idea of some of the best things to have in Belize during the first half of the day, keep reading.

Fry Jacks

Breakfast in Belize fry jacks

If you have a craving for something like a doughnut, fry jacks are your go-to food. In short, a fry jack is just a fried piece of dough, shaped as either a triangle or circle. You can have your fry jacks served with fare that is either savory, such as with scrambled eggs, beans or sweet, such as with some jelly.


johnny cakes belize

While not unique to Belize, johnnycakes, which are also known by such names as journey cakes, and shawnee cakes, are a type of flatbread made from flour. The best way of describing these little gems is a mixture of flour that resembles an American biscuit. You can have your johnny cakes with beans, cheese or butter.

Meat Pies

belizean meat pies

A British classic, meat pies in Belize are small, flaky pastries filled with minced beef and a savory gravy sauce. Often served with Marie Sharp’s hot sauce, meat pies are a great street snack to ward off hunger in the afternoon.


Flour Tortillas


belizean flour tortillas

Anyone who appreciates Mexican food knows about flour tortillas. Rather than eating them entirely on their own, you basically use the tortilla as an edible plate, layering whatever toppings you like on top and maybe even fold it over so you have an improvised breakfast burrito. Popular toppings at breakfast include beans, eggs, meat and cheese.

Eggs and Chaya

belizean eggs with chaya - best belizean breakfast

While everyone nows what an egg is, you may not have ever heard of chaya. Chaya, whose scientific name is Cnidoscolus aconitifolius, is also known as “tree spinach” and has some dietary overlap with cassava. While the leaves of both plants must be cooked for at least 20 minutes to be eaten safely, the end result works well with eggs, resulting in a delicious way of filling up while also adhering to a vegetarian diet.

So there you have it, a quintet of tasty and quintessentially Belizean dishes that can easily be customized to your specific tastes.

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