Belize Cooking Guide: How to Make Belizean Fish Seré

How to Make Belizean Fish Seré

belizean fish sere

Belize offers a wide variety of different cuisines thanks to its status as a melting pot. Different cultures meld and blend to produce an amazing array of tastes that reflects Belize’s diversity of ethnicities as well as its unique position geographically. One of the most popular dishes is a creamy fish chowder called Fish Sere. The dish comes from the Garinagu people of Belize. The dish is made with chunks of white fish and root vegetables. It is then often served with coconut rice and strips of plantain.

Ingredients for Fish Sere

– 2 snapper or rockfish fillets (you can use any firm white fish)
– 2 green plantains, sliced
– 1 carrot, diced
– 1 1/2 cups of coconut milk
– 1 1/2 cups of water
– 1 teaspoon of sea salt
– 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
– 2 garlic cloves, minced
– 1/2 onion, cut into strips
– 1 habanero pepper or jalapeno if you want a more mild flavor

Directions for Fish Sere

Step 1 – Prepare the fish by patting the fillets dry, cut them into chunky pieces, and then adding any seasoning you would like.

Step 2 – Prepare the chowder broth. Pour coconut milk and water into a saucepan. Add onions, garlic, carrot, and plantain. Cook the mixture over medium heat, and stir occasionally.

Step 3 – Add seasonings with salt and pepper and any herbs you might want. Thyme is a popular addition, and you can use either fresh or dried.

Step 4 – Add the fish to the chowder. When the mixture is well-heated, let it simmer and then add the fish pieces and the whole pepper. Stir occasionally. Cook until fish is opaque and flaky.


Once the chowder is done, you can serve it along with coconut-infused white rice.

There are different ways of cooking Fish Sere as well. Another method uses whole fillets of fish rather than cutting them into chunks. The fish is served floating in the milky broth along with dollops of Hudut. Hudut is a dish made from green and ripe plantains as well as water, salt, and a bit of the Sere broth. It has a puree consistency when finished.

As previously mentioned, this dish originates from the Garinagu people of Belize. It’s popular and common to serve it on Garifuna Settlement Day, which occurs on November 19th to celebrate the Garinagu arrival in Belize.

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