Belize's new entry requirements makes it easier to visit while staying safe

Belize’s new entry requirements makes it easier to visit while staying safe

Belize's new entry requirements makes it easier to visit while staying safe

The Coronavirus outbreak is proof that finding the right balance between safety and maintaining business-as-usual can be difficult in the midst of a disaster. But some countries have performed better than others. Belize was quick to put safety precautions in place, and we’re enjoying the benefits now. The country represents both a model for how to handle a viral outbreak on a national level and one of the best destinations for travel this fall and winter.

The cornerstone of Belize’s return to normalcy is what we’re calling the Safe Corridor. All restaurants and hotels that are designated a part of the Safe Corridor meet some of the highest safety standards around. These businesses offer the highest level of service possible while employing the most effective safety measures. To qualify for a position within the Safe Corridor, a business must achieve Gold Standard certification – which is proof that proper social distancing and mask-wearing procedures are in place and also that the staff has received advanced training in how to adjust their behaviors during an outbreak.

While the Gold Standard certification was previously available only to hotels and tour companies, Belize is expanding the program to cover a whole range of different businesses critical to the tourism sector. Restaurants, gift shops, and other related businesses can now receive Gold Standard certification as well, leaving visitors with a lot more freedom to enjoy their vacation.

Belize is also taking measures to prevent further cases of the virus from entering the country, but we’ve loosened restrictions lately while still maintaining a sensible level of security. Visitors will no longer be required to fill out an application before leaving for Belize, and they won’t be required to quarantine for 10 days if they arrive with a negative Covid-19 test.

Safety measures are a necessary precaution right now, but that doesn’t mean that travel is out of the equation. Belize’s safety measures are a sensible pathway for countries that rely on tourism, and the effect on visitors is as minimal as possible. With the Belize Health App, you can easily complete all of your requirements and on your way to a tropical paradise.

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