The best souvenirs of Belize that you definitely need to bring home

The best souvenirs of Belize that you definitely need to bring home

best souvenirs to buy in belize

Traveling is the best kind of entertainment one can enjoy. No other emotion can beat the feeling of sipping on your morning or evening coffee while enjoying exotic foreign land. Many travelers enjoy a different kind of vacations just as some prefer to travel alone while others enjoy the company of friends and family, but all enjoy taking something back home that could remind them of the wonderful time spent aboard.

After enjoying the best time of our lives in an amazing location, we head back home with gifts for friends and family. We all take a little extra cash so we can buy some good gifts because we cannot just show them cool pictures and videos without handing them a little something. Though it could be the trickiest part of your travel to choose appropriate gifts that can be appreciated by your friends, shopping has its own benefits and fun.

Where are you going on vacation? Are you heading to Canada or Europe or maybe just visit Belize which is situated in Central America with Mexico on the northwest border and has the beautiful Caribbean Sea on the east. It offers everything to everyone, plus shopping in Belize is fun as it offers exotic local items while cruising, snorkeling or striding through amazing cool beach stalls where you explore the most affordable and exotic gift items.

So while shopping in Belize, you will be amazed to find that most items are locally made. You will be left confused what to buy in Belize when you see a large variety of handcrafts and edible items you need to choose between because you will not want to go back home broke by buying everything you like.

Here is the list of best Belize souvenirs you want to shop for:

1.     Local Arts and Handy Craft

Handmade artifacts and typical local art serve as the symbol of wonderful Belize souvenirs. San Pedro offers an amazing collection of the cheap and beautiful artworks in almost every size you would want to purchase from local artists to suit your price range. Fido in San Pedro has a small shop that has a rich collection of different things that will not only feast your eyes but also fit your pocket. Fido helps you choose the unique souvenir when you need it most. It is quite like finding cheap online paper writing service when in dire need of meeting assignment deadline. Because most students in college are already short of money and planning a trip to a foreign land may require extra cash. If you want someone from Canadian essay writing service PapersOwl to write college essay for you. It won’t require a great deal of money, so you may buy some extra presents for your beloved ones.

Another item that would resolve your dilemma of what to buy in Belize is the famous Mayan basket, which also reflects year’s old practice of Mayan women. Each handmade intricately woven basket has its own unique pattern that reflects the time and effort put in creating it making it an affordable thoughtful gift that can be used in everyday life.

One more item that can make a memorable Belize souvenir is exotic carvings that are made out of wood or slate. If you can spend, then you can buy woodcarvings, and if you are a group of students on tour, you may want to settle for slate carving which has cheap price range with a chic look and are environmentally friendly.

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1.     Grab some drinks with you

The vacation itself puts you in higher spirit, so why not to share it with people you left behind? The one thing you will find plentiful in Canada and Belize is Rum with all kinds of varieties and exotic flavors ranging from sweet vanilla to maple that could be both refreshing and addicting. It is prepared by local sugarcane so do not feel hesitant explaining its health benefits when you gift it to someone, not that they would question it. In addition, the best thing is that you can buy several bottles as you will not pay anything and can bring them completely duty-free. It is like telling someone that cheap college writing help is on sale. You will also find nearby Saul’s rum where you can have rum in exotic cream coffee and if you do not want it in your coffee then enjoy it on its own. They also make cute Belize souvenirs as they are packed in adorable bags. If you are shopping in Belize for alcoholic drinks, you will never fall short unlike finding decent online help services. You can take some of the national brew, which comes in large or stout for your beer loving friends.

2.     Organic cacao of Belize

The country offers an amazing variety of coffee and chocolate so you can take that divine taste back home and enjoy it while coping with nostalgia or present it to someone. The exotic chocolate boutiques offer a great range of heavenly food in different shapes and form like cookies, brownies, milkshakes and many more. Imagine the feeling when your friends are writing a thank you note to you online thank you for bringing that incredible orange chocolate body butter while other thanking you in person helping them manage their breakup by sipping on that delicious chocolate tea. You will still feel like a hero even when you are not snorkeling in that deep Caribbean ocean but drowned in your college paper.

3.     Bumper stickers, shirts, and jewelry

It is always cute idea to buy a local t-shirt with a fun saying on about the place; you will find a lot of shops selling t-shirts with cute, fun, and even weird pun on the country’s name. They also come in payable range so you can buy more than a couple for your friends.

Also, buy a bumper sticker so you can boast about your fun life even when running from library to home for finding online assistance so someone can write your essay on Canada because you were busy creating memories in Belize.

Do not forget to pay only a little price for the pink conch jewelry, hairpins, hand bracelets, and few earrings to thank her for helping you out in a time of need. You can also buy this jewelry, as it is quite expansive and use it as decorating items.

You do not have to spend a fortune on traveling either should you bring a suitcase full of souvenirs to please people back home. Just do a little bit of research about the local items that are a specialty of the place before going and you can be everybody’s favorite traveler.


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