Searching For Peace? Look No Further Than Carmelita Gardens in Belize

Searching For Peace? Look No Further Than Belize’s Carmelita Gardens Community

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It took a pandemic for some people to realize that their lives had become untenable, filled with stress, pressure, and commitments that made awakening every day a less than pleasurable experience.

This hectic lifestyle, reinforced by technology that makes the simple act of turning off a cell phone unthinkable, is fast catching up to people who are “always busy, always-on, always trying to keep up with an endless array of challenges and tasks hurtling their way,” wrote Sidney Finkelstein for BBC a few years ago.

Things have gotten worse since he authored that post, which is why people of all ages are rethinking their priorities and reaching conclusions that life lived in the fast lane isn’t much of a life at all.

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As a result, the search for tranquility and peace is driving people to consider alternative lifestyles, a fact reflected in the number of stressed-out Americans who have found in Belize a place to live an authentic life that is far from the frenzy to which they had become accustomed.

Carmelita Gardens, where community, nature, and simplicity come together to create a haven for those eager to get off the merry-go-round of urban life and into a lifestyle that is pure, honest, and authentic, represents the best example of this lifestyle. It’s basic. Simple. Idyllic. Uncomplicated.

“Downsizing provides a rare opportunity to take stock of what we really value and affords a space in our lives to examine what we require to be happy and comfortable on a basic level. We can learn quite a bit about ourselves in this process. As we strip the layers of paint and get back to our true colors, we discover parts of ourselves that we had forgotten or that have been drowned out by the commotion of modern life.”

Those words of wisdom, written by Carmelita Life’s Community Development Director Jamie Lee Ganger, are typical of feelings ex-pats experience the moment they arrive and have an opportunity to meet like-minded community members and discover everything about how easy it is to adapt to off-the-grid living.

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Located in Belize’s Cayo District, Carmelita Gardens isn’t likely to be the place ex-pats choose if they are eager to hit the club and party scene every night, but for folks whose blood pressure drops at the sight of country roads, open fields, breathtaking sunsets, welcoming neighbors and opportunities to breathe deeply, there is no equal.

If this sounds like the environment you have searched for but didn’t think existed, a visit to the Carmelita Gardens website fills in all of the blanks. Learn more about the homes, properties, and the self-sufficient lifestyle that is surprisingly easy to become accustomed to. Best of all, you’ll never be alone as a member of this community, and isn’t that exactly what you’ve been searching for?

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