Cotton Tree Lodge & Taza “Chocolate Week”

Cotton Tree Lodge & Taza “Chocolate Week”

Make sure to book your stay and take part in the full week of chocolate decadence (from raw production to a tasty treat).  “Chocolate Week” is being held in, the Toledo District, by the Cotton Tree Lodge & Taza Chocolate, during March 16th to 23rd, 2013, providing you with a unique opportunity to be your own cacao expert!

While Belize is a prime destination that fulfills all vacationing dreams, the mysterious Maya legacy is also an important part of the chocolate production history, and one in which will be explored indebt throughout this highly informative week of chocolate base activities.

This is an event for all ages! Imagine, exploring the lush jungle farms of top (local) chocolatiers as they divulge the secrets of this wondrous fruit and its benefits.  Your journey will take you to the home of a Maya descendant as he prepares a traditional chocolate drink using ancient cooking methods.


  • Hiking through a cacao farm (observation and tasting of raw fruit).
  • Visiting a Maya descendant farmhouse for demonstration.
  • Visit to the Maya Mountain Cacao for fermentation & drying of cacao for production.
  • A chocolate factory visit in – Punta Gorda for a roasting to molding exhibit.
  • Toledo Cacao Growers Association (TCGA) meet and discussion.
  • Casual evening lectures on chocolate manufacturing, trading and more!

Delve into the rich history and wonders of Belize, relaxing in an unspoiled environment with new friends and amazing tour (optional) opportunities, such as: kayaking, swimming, horseback riding and even various nature walks!

To learn more about Belize, please visit the Belize Tourism Board Website at:

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