Destination Belize has become the new perspective to experiencing Belize

Destination Belize has become the new perspective to experiencing the country of Belize

The most sought after publication, Destination Belize, has just had a new release. The publication is offered not only in two different covers this time, but also with a wider range of possibilities to reach visitors to Belize.

The magazine is a locally and internationally distributed publication, on its seventeenth issue run. Being the main access point for travelers to access important information when visiting Belize, it has been re-branded, and has simultaneously embraced the tech world with a new app, extending its reach to your fingertips.

Mcnab Publishing and the Belize Tourism Industry Association has pursued a new perspective, in which the publication is challenging views, of just being a coffee table magazine, and creating an experience by offering more accessible features to visitors, whilst still staying true to its roots as a publication.

Destination Belize now offers a signature publication, which would be your Destination Belize print, which would generally be found in most hotels, travel agencies and embassies. New to the arena is the Destination Belize Pocket Guide, which is very useful for visitors as a more condensed version to carry at ease while in Belize. An e-book publication is also available for download, for those interested and planning to make a trip to Belize, or to have an electronic version for you to refer to.

With the brand new Destination Belize app, visitors can explore various attractions, and peruse articles of various industry participants.


The app also has a Geo-location feature which would create easier accessibility to relevant information, photographs and to explore any points of interest in the palm of your hand.

Segmenting Belize into its various areas, Mcnab Publishing and the Belize Tourism Industry Association has accomplished an effortless manner to accommodate visitors to Belize. Some of the options available to each area are a Where to stay, Explore and Cuisine to name but a few.

Being true to sustainable tourism, there are also many features concerning conservation efforts within Belize, covering everything from coastal zone management, wildlife funds, and grassroots projects. This is important because sustainability will insure the future and make provision for more growth in the country.

Destination Belize is proud to market and make the biodiversity of what Belize has to offer, accessible to everyone.

It is now your personal guide to having your best visit to Belize. It covers everything you would expect from a destination, and even includes opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors. This year, the cover features are the beautiful ATM Cave, and also a shot taken at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. The app is conveniently available for download from the Apple App Store and also the Google Play Store.

Destination Belize is your point of experience, and is has now become grown to more than just a magazine on a coffee table. It is now your all-access pass to a country mirroring the life and passion that Destination Belize will give to you, and as they say in Belize, it’s closer than you think.

Get a copy of The Ultimate Belize Bucket List! Written by Larry Waight, a local with more than twenty years of experience in the travel industry, the book is packed with tips, information, and recommendations about all of the best things to see and do in Belize.
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