Discover the True Meaning of Retirement at Orchid Bay Belize

Discover the True Meaning of Retirement at Orchid Bay Belize

It’s not easy to find balance when researching retirement destinations. Some places offer a roof over one’s head and not much else. Other villages are so crammed with activities, it hardly feels like retirement. But to quote Goldilocks when she finally found the right bed in the bear’s house, “This one is just right!” You’ll probably agree once you learn more about Orchid Bay in Corozal Belize, where expats come for the visit and stay for the future.

Orchid Bay is the quintessential expat location: Located on the Mexico border and situated on a pristine bay that was a stop on Mayan trade routes centuries ago, refugees moved to this area in the mid-1980s, bringing with them the first taste of architecture, commerce and development. Commercial development plus proximity to fascinating ruins, forests and water sports, began attracting retirees to Corozal Town for the low-cost living, great round-year temperatures, friends and fun.

Corozal Town has all the trappings of a small, charming community: wide avenues, drainage systems and amenities that delight expats who enjoy leisurely strolls to the city center where banks, a library, museum, churches, schools, shops and markets (plus Chinese restaurants!) are in close proximity. The retiree population grew so impressively, The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), named Corozal a 2010 top retirement destination. Things have only gotten better over the past five years

Given a burgeoning migration by North American retirees, homes and retirement villages began sprouting up, but these days, they pale in comparison to the contemporary “New Urbanist” community called Orchid Bay. This model retirement destination is a community-friendly vision of small-town accessibility and connectivity centered around social balance. Orchid Bay has proven such a unique self-contained society, even visitors who hadn’t thought about moving south to live as expats re-think plans after one short visit.

It’s easy to see why. Over time, Orchid Bay has grown, expanded and flourished. Bike trails, a fitness center, easy access to water sports, pedestrian walkways, security lighting, pools, the Caribbean Sea and even an observatory for stargazing are enjoyed by residents. Expats need travel only an hour to sightsee, shop malls, visit movie theaters and eateries, though many residents are content to frequent Orchid Bay shops and dining venues and stick close to home. The sheer variety of housing available within Orchid Bay considers every retiree’s taste and budget: Choose from villas, condos, casitas, cabanas, houses and buildable lots.

Worried that committing to a retirement purchase in a far-off place won’t give you the assurances and protections you enjoy back home? Worry no more. The Orchid Bay Homeowner’s Association oversees “the big picture,” so property values are protected and residents control growth. But no description does this planned community justice. Visit the website,, to see what living in a beautiful, affordable place with a community focus that will remind you of home (minus the high real estate taxes) looks like! Want to schedule a visit? One phone call starts the ball rolling in our direction: +1 (470) 2-BELIZE or +1 (470) 223-5493.

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