Expert traveler books flight to Belize for less than $50

Expert traveler books flight to Belize for less than $50

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Jack Sheldon, an expert traveler from the United States who resides in England and runs Jack Flight Club – a website dedicated to finding astoundingly cheap airfare deals, claims his personal best deal was a flight from London to Belize which cost him only £18 or around less than BZD $50.

Sheldon, whose Flight Club reaches more than 89,000 subscribers, decided to provide the service with a focus on flights from the UK and Ireland. Sheldon, however, added that deals such as the insanely cheap Belize flight are exceptionally rare but said anyone can find great deals on flights.

The biggest mistake people make when booking flights, according to Sheldon, is booking direct.

“The main mistake people make in booking flights is going straight to the airline website. While booking direct will make things easier should you need to change your travel plans, the cheapest fares are often found by booking with various online travel agencies. Google Flights is a great resource and enables you to track flight prices across the board by setting yourself an alert,” Sheldon said.

There are other tips which could help in landing the best price for the flight to your dream vacation, Sheldon says. These include knowing when to book, as doing so too late or too early can often hurt your chances; as well as checking and comparing the prices of various airlines. Sheldon says travelers can even book cheap flights during peak seasons including summer and Christmas. Sheldon recommends booking summer flights between January-February or May-June. He recommends booking Christmas flights as early as summer though he says deals may still be available as late as November.

Sheldon also dropped gems of knowledge including a little-known fact that flights are often cheaper on Tuesdays and Thursdays but there are no definitive airline policies on this. Like most things, he advises, good deals or “mistake fares” as he calls them  are often limited for a short period of time so booking quickly is a massive advantage.

“‘Mistake fares – when thanks to a system error flights cost a fraction of what they should – are a win-win situation. The airline will always refund you the money if it is a mistake – you’ll never be out of pocket. But more positively, around 60 per cent of fares are honoured. You should generally wait around two weeks before considering it confirmed – that’s the latest I’ve heard of that an airline has got in touch to refund a fare. The premium carriers are often more likely to honor their mistake fares than airlines at the more budget end,” he said.

According to Sheldon, all destinations have price drops; they key is being alert and waiting for the precise moment to take advantage of great deals.


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