Exploring An Un-Belize-Able New World

Exploring An Un-Belize-Able New World

Many years ago I set a goal to be married and have babies by 30 and upon my 30th birthday I gave myself the rest of the year to find that “one”. As my 31st birthday came and went I realized setting a dream that involved another person was completely the wrong idea so I started to focus on doing something that makes my mind, body and soul happy like my dream to live somewhere I would never have to see snow again. Enter Belize.

Upon arriving in a country that has only found its independence 33 years ago, I found home right away and with the help of locals I have been learning how to survive as if I lived here my whole life. As I fall in love with the country and its people I want to inspire others to step out of their vacation norm and explore a whole new world.

Anytime I have travelled to a warmer climate I am ready to head back home around day 5; back to Starbucks, fast food, full service gyms and the ability to connect to my friends and family with WiFi. Perhaps those material items are not important to you, but being able to ask for directions in your own language probably is and as most of us have learned, Spanish rules the all inclusive vacations. But let me welcome you to Ambergris Caye, Belize, a true slice of heaven and only a 2-hour plane ride from Miami. Here, everyone knows English, cable is much cheaper and includes more channels than you could ever watch, WiFi is everywhere and tracking in sand is your only major concern.

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