Fuego Lighting Culinary Life in San Ignacio Belize

Fuego Lighting Culinary Life in San Ignacio Belize

Fuego (Spanish for fire) is among one of the newest eateries in San Ignacio Town. San Ignacio is located on the western side of Belize and has just recently gone through a renovation phase with the building of the Cayo Welcome Center. The sights and smells of the mainland differs so much from our island home. A new look has been achieved to the business center of San Ignacio. Landscaping allows for beautiful sights all around.

Serving lunch and dinner, Fuego, offers outdoor seating which is the perfect perch for people watching. With its black and red hues, Fuego lights up at night! Inside, hanging on the walls, are amazing photographs captured by Monica Gallardo, a Belmopan based photographer. These pictures evoke the feeling of fire that the restaurant so aptly captures.

Opening their doors in June 2013, Fuego has added a Belizean sophistication to our every day dishes and flavors. And of course what hit it first was Fuego’s drink menu, which brings touches of childhood memories gushing through. Remember those Tico treats that you ate up during your primary and high school years? Oh so good, well, Fuego rims their glasses with just that stuff. And what may they be adding to those cups? Well,  with infused Tequila, of course. What else with make for a fiery drink? Their El Fuego, ROCKS! Jalapeno Infused Tequila, pineapple juice, muddled lemon and basil, this is one of the best drinks we’ve had in Belize.

Fuego takes time to infuse their own tequila and they are infusing them and mixing the craziest most delicious concoctions.

They are using fresh ingredients too, like coconut. Their Coco-Nutz is rimmed with coconut flakes and filled with fresh young coconut pulp, coconut juice and local Kukunut Rum. Polo Arguelles, General Manager, had a big hand in whipping up these drink masterpieces.

With drinks this good, food will definitely be the Belizean infusion the so highly speak about. Ian Lizarraga, owner of Fuego, took time to create each aspect of the restaurant. From the “Spanish and British Colonial, elevated and inspired Belizean cuisine,” as he aptly describes it  to the lighting, to the cutlery that is utilized. “Fuego draws from the cultural epicenter to the culinary epicenter of Belize,” Lizarraga states, “without taking away from the local restaurants who provided their own type of experience.”

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Starting off our meal are the appetizers … Pig Tail Wontons, Dukunu Platter, Spicy Italian Sausage.

Pig Tail is a traditional meat eaten all over Belize. Prepared in beans usually, whether black, red or split, the meat at El Fuego is stripped off the bone and stuffed into wontons. Yes, wonton filled with pig tail! This deliciously salted appetizer is perfectly complimented with the sweet flavors imparted by the Coca Cola Pepper Jelly Dipping Sauce.

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