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Marie Sharp’s – Hilary Clinton’s Favorite Hot Sauce

Hilary Clinton

 Hilary Clinton’s Favorite Hot Sauce

Already the recipient of several international awards including the Hot Sauce Hall of Fame, Marie Sharp’s signature line of homemade hot sauces is probably Belize’s most famous export. And one of Marie Sharp’s most enthusiastic fans is the former presidential candidate and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In her new book, “What Happened,” Clinton lovingly describes how she fell in love with the signature hot sauce. In 1992, after one of her employees returned from Belize with four bottles of Marie Sharp’s, Clinton began liberally applying the hot sauce on all of her food. According to Clinton, she would wake up in the morning and apply hot sauce on her breakfast, convinced that it was providing a critical boost to her immune system.

Now age 69, Hillary Clinton was the first female presidential candidate from a major party when she competed for the office in 2016. Following a grueling schedule, Clinton stumbled when leaving the 9/11 Memorial during the campaign, a well-publicized event that may have contributed to her electoral defeat. Despite the literal misstep, Clinton returned to the campaign trail just three days later, apparently strengthened by liberal helpings of Marie Sharp’s hot sauce.


According to a passage in Clinton’s book, which is her detailed explanation of how she lost the battle for the White House in 2016 to Donald Trump, her favorite Marie Sharp sauce is the habanero pepper flavor. After battling with her employees over that bottle, Clinton finally realized that she could order more, and “peace returned” to her busy campaign staff. For more than 600 consecutive days, Clinton’s campaign for presidency involved constant travel and hectic schedules, yet she still managed to reliably consume Marie Sharp’s hot sauce at nearly every breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack time.

Clinton’s favorite use of Marie Sharp’s hot sauce is scrambled egg whites with vegetables, adding fresh jalapeños when available. She would then chase it all down with a large black coffee. For lunch, her preferred meal was either salmon salad, vegan chicken tenders (made with almond flour), or poblano pepper soup, all of which was liberally laced with Marie Sharp’s sauces.

All of Marie Sharp’s signature sauces are still made in the original factory located outside of Dangriga in southeastern Belize. Ms. Sharp first developed her sauces in 1980 when she cast about for new recipes for the hot peppers and other vegetables growing on her family farm. With just two dozen employees, Marie Sharp now exports her award-winning sauces to North and South America, Europe, and Asia.





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