Kayaking the Moho River in Belize | Moho River in Belize

Kayaking the Moho River in Belize

Moho River in Belize

In a land replete with beautiful and pristine watercourses, the Moho River in the Toledo District of Belize is truly special. Beginning at its headwaters in Amatique Bay, the Moho River flows through eastern Guatemala before terminating in southern Belize.

Due to its remote location, the Moho River is one of the most beautiful rivers in the country. The banks of the river are covered in thick jungle that teems with exotic wildlife like giant iguanas, crocodiles, kinkajou, howler monkeys, and birds like falcons, hawks, and eagles.

Why You Have to Kayak the Moho River

The water of the Moho River is quite warm and relatively shallow in most parts, making it easily navigable even for inexperienced kayakers. Most organized kayaking expeditions are led by native Maya people who have a deep and ancient connection to the land and are experts in the native flora and fauna.

Some parts of the Moho River have rapids, giving kayakers a chance to enjoy some thrills and spills along the route. These rapids, however, are of the “pool drop” variety and can be safely navigated even by inexperienced kayakers.

Where in Belize is the Moho River located?

The Moho River flows for dozens of miles across southern Belize, but most kayaking trips begin near the village of Santa Ana in Toledo District.

When Is the Best Time to Kayak the Moho River?

In order to avoid potentially fast currents and flooding, it is best to kayak the Moho River during the dry season (approximately November-May). Kayaking the river may be difficult following periods of precipitation.

How to Get to the Moho River

Most kayaking on the Moho River is done with an experienced tour guide. Organized trips to the river often depart from the town of Punta Gorda.

The Best Way to Experience the Moho River

Be sure to choose an organized tour led by a local expert who is well-versed in the river and a licensed guide. Bring along a camera as well as a waterproof pouch to protect your valuable. Several small villages are located along the banks of the river where travelers can enjoy home-cooked meals.

Bring along a change of clothing, insect repellent, water, and food during the journey as there are no large urban areas near the river. Kids as young as 6 can enjoy kayaking on the river as the currents are slow and the waters are relatively shallow.

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