Not Every Accommodation on Ambergris Caye is This Special!

Not Every Accommodation on Ambergris Caye is This Special!

When you hear the word “special” used in conversation, do you dismiss the speaker’s use of the word as little more than hyperbole? Time to put away your inner skeptic and your inner cynic—particularly when you read about a special vacation deal offered for Belizeans by one of Belize’s most popular lodgings—the SunBreeze Suites on Ambergris Caye .

We call it the Belizean Traveler’s Special. You’ll call it paradise and a rare chance to experience a small miracle when you visit. 

When owners acquired the SunBreeze Suites back in 2008, the lodging became famous for gorgeous views and proximity to the ocean, but as the old saying goes, ‘time and tides wait for no man’ and owners of the SunBreeze Suites faced a serious dilemma: The idyllic setting that hosted the suites was being washed away at a frightening pace.  To literally and figuratively turn the tide, a beach reclamation and construction effort was undertaken by SunBreeze Suites owners between May and June of this year. A seawall was engineered to buffer the shore and the eroded beach was back-filled with so much white sand, the area is now almost unrecognizable.

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To take advantage of this Belizean Traveler’s Special, book a weekend room at the SunBreeze Suites between August and November—yes, you read that right; it covers four months! Not only will you enjoy white glove hospitality, proximity to excursions, tours and attractions and all of the amenities a Belizean traveler could wish for while staying at the SunBreeze Suites, but you’ll have an opportunity to see this amazing reclaimed beachfront for yourself.

Expect a romantic Ocean View Suite with a private balcony (unless you bring the kids, in which case the holiday will likely be more fun than romantic), enjoy delicious Belizean breakfasts daily,and claim a half-day snorkeling experience at Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley, gear included.

Is the price special? Of course it is: enjoy a full vacation weekend for just BZE $575 per couple or BZE $759 if you bring one or two kids. The celebratory Belizean Traveler discount offer won’t be around forever—but you can bet that the reclaimed beach that serves as the SunBreeze’s foundation will!

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