Dreaming of Retiring Abroad? This Country Is the Most Popular Retirement Destination

Dreaming of Retiring Abroad? This Country Is the Most Popular Retirement Destination

retire in belize

According to a survey by the Aegon Center, up to 13% of Americans have considered retiring abroad. As violence occurs in American cities, many seek a peaceful haven. And with over 431,000 retired U.S. workers currently receiving their Social Security benefits in a foreign country, ex-pat communities exist to welcome newcomers.

Perhaps you also dream of retiring abroad. Before you pack your bags, however, consider a few things.

What lifestyle do you dream of for your golden years?

Do you imagine yourself living on a beach, in the mountains, or in an artistic community? It’s important to use your dreams to narrow your options before you do your research.

Consider your finances.

While many Americans find they can retire more comfortably abroad than in the US, it’s important to make a detailed budget that includes all possible expenses. Often ex-pats are thrilled at how far their dollars will stretch in their new home, but this is not something to take for granted.

How easily will you adjust to your new country?

For many Americans, potential language barriers are the biggest drawback to moving abroad. This is an area where Belize has a big advantage over its Central American neighbors as English is the official language of Belize.

This makes it easier for American retirees to live here. In addition, ex-pats find the country to be affordable and to allow a variety of dream lifestyles.

Among the best places for ex-pats in this delightful country is Carmelita Gardens. This self-sufficient village in the Cayo district is a dream for those who love nature, sustainability, community, and a relaxed lifestyle.

Thanks to its organic gardens, solar-powered utilities, rainwater catchment systems, and innovative construction techniques, the community is a model of sustainable living set along a stretch of untouched riverfront property.

Not only is it a safe and peaceful place, but the residents are very welcoming, providing a local family for those living here.

The community’s motto is “Independent Together” and newcomers will find this rings true. While individuals can freely indulge in their favorite activities – from gardening to fishing to yoga or exploring, there are also many group activities such as regular potlucks, shopping trips, and parties. This allows newcomers to easily make friends and seamlessly fit into their new home.

In addition to all of these features, Carmelita Gardens is also amazingly affordable. Cottages sell for less than $80,000. For those interested in trying it out before buying, rental units are available.

To learn more, check the website.

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