St. George's Caye | Visit St. George's Caye on your Belize vacation

St. George’s Caye

St. George's Caye

Named after the patron saint of England, St. George’s Caye (pronounced “key”) is a small island located a few miles off the coast of Belize City. Although this tiny island is inhabited by just two dozen people, it played an enormously important role in the history of Belize.

Why You Have to Visit St. George’s Caye On Your Vacation

The first European colonists set up a small town on the island in 1650, attracted by the island’s strategic position near important shipping lanes. The population then began to diminish in the 1700s as the harbor town of Belize City took on greater prominence. Nonetheless, it was on this tiny island that the first constitution was written.

On September 10, 1798, a week-long maritime battle between British and Spanish flotillas ended with a decisive win for the British, forever deciding that the colony would be ruled by Britain which is why Belize is the only English-speaking country in the region. Today, September 10 is a national holiday and both the island and its surrounding waters are a National Historic Landmark.

Where in Belize Is St. George’s Caye Located?

St. George’s Caye is located approximately eight miles east of Belize City.

When Is the Best Time to Visit St. George’s Caye Belize

With several hotels, bars, and restaurants, it’s always a good time to visit this picturesque island. But definitely don’t miss the festivities surrounding St. George’s Caye Day every year on September 10 when a re-enactment of the naval battle takes place in the waters off of the island.

Best Way to Get to St. George’s Caye Belize


There are no commercial routes that go to St. George’s Caye, however several private water taxi operators offer regular service from the docks at Belize City both to the island as well as other nearby cayes. Currently, there is no air strip on the island so the only way to get there is by water.

Best Way to Experience St. George’s Caye Belize

Excitement builds to a crescendo during the festivities on September 10, the national holiday of St. George’s Caye Day. But there’s plenty to do and see the rest of the year, including visiting the spot where the first constitution was drafted in 1765, the landmarks commemorating the 1798 naval battle, and the local cemetery that holds the remains of the first settlers.

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